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Killer Truckers On The Road: Unsolved Serial Killings Along I-4 Corridor and Daytona Beach Fl

A&E SERIES THE KILLING SEASON "A Killer On the Road: After private investigator Bill Warner's alarming revelation that there exists long haul truckers moonlighting as serial killers terrorizing America’s interstate system, A&E filmmakers Josh and Rachel begin a cross-country journey to research these killers on wheels. While hitchhiking, the A&E filmmakers encounter women who work truck stops, despairingly referred to as “lot lizards,” and hear first hand accounts of the dangers they experience everyday. 
As Josh and Rachel delve deeper, they uncover systemic failures in law enforcement allowing these mobile killers to run wild. A disturbing confession by a former trucker, serving a life sentence for murder, propels Josh and Rachel on a hunt for his accomplices. When a potential serial killer turns up dead in West Virginia, the investigation takes a surprising turn and we learn that things are not always what they seem. See A&E I-4 Serial Killer Documentary 'A Killer on the Road' November 26th 2016 at 9:00 PM  10:00 PM on the A&E Network.
WAKE UP AMERICA: Serial killer and long haul truck driver Oscar Ray Bolin was executed January 7th 2016 for 3 known murders of young women in Tampa Fl. Oscar Ray Bolin was "A Killer on the Road", he traveled the I-4 Corridor, I-75 and I-85 in Florida and multiple interstates across the USA, how many more on Oscar Ray Bolin? HOUSTON Mar 29, 2012; Long Haul Trucker and Serial Killer Robert B. Rhoades picked up young females then raped and tortured them and left their bodies in Texas, Utah and Illinois. From 1975 to 1990 Rhoades is believed to have tortured, raped, and killed more than 50 women.

Alva Busch/ Author of "Roadside Prey": "Mr. Rhoades is a very evil man." A state trooper near Casa Grande, Ariz., stopped on I-10 to check on a tractor-trailer with blinking lights in April 1990. He discovered Robert Rhoades inside the cab with a hysterical naked woman who had been chained and shackled to a wall. She later told investigators that she’d been tortured and whipped, that Rhoades told her he was known as “Whips and Chains” and had been involved in such activity for years”. The cab of long haul truck driver Bruce Mendenhall and suspected serial killer was “awash with blood” belonging to 10 different people, said a prosecutor who charged him with murdering a missing woman. Carmen Purpura’s body has not been found, but the prosecutor said her blood soaked the seats in Bruce Mendenhall’s cab, and that so much of her blood was there she could not possibly be alive. Notorious serial killer Ted Bundy once said: We serial killers are your sons, we are your husbands, we are everywhere.

If there is such a thing as an ideal profession for a serial killer, it may well be as a long-haul truck driver. FBI Crime Analyst Christie Palazzolo is quick to point out that long-haul trucking is an honorable profession and that the overwhelming majority of drivers are not murderers—but it does happen, and the pattern is unmistakable. More than a decade ago, analysts for the FBI’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP)—the only national database of serial crimes—began to see a marked increase in the number of bodies recovered along the side of the road. A majority of the victims were truck-stop prostitutes, and it turned out that many of the suspects were long-haul truckers. 

We had an inordinate number of victims and offenders from this rather specific population pool,” Palazzolo explained. To make matters worse, these cases are extremely difficult to investigate. A long-haul driver can pick up a prostitute at a truck stop in Georgia, rape and murder her, and dump her body on the side of the road in Florida later that day. The victim has no connection to the area where she was found, and there may be no forensic evidence to collect because the crime was committed hundreds of miles away. The local police detectives investigating the case might have little experience dealing with a crime of this nature and may be faced with few, if any, leads.
Unsolved Serial Killings Along I-4 Corridor and Daytona Beach Fl. I-4 in Florida runs from the west coast in Tampa directly across the state to Daytona on the east coast it is 132 miles long and very heavily traveled by cars and big rig truckers. I-4 connects to I-75 on the west coast and I-95 on the east coast also very heavily traveled by cars and big rig truckers going north and south. The body of the first known victim of the Daytona Beach killer Laquetta Gunther, 45, was discovered in an alley off of Beach Street on December 26th, 2005. She had been shot in the head with a .40 caliber handgun. She was found lying in a fetal position. Due to the damage from the gunshot, (hollow point bullet) Gunther had to be identified by her tattoos. She had been killed at least two days before her body was found. A taxi driver told Stacey Dittmer, the victim’s closest friend, that he saw an older-looking man with a cigar in his mouth walking out of the alley. 
  Kelly Lanthorne, 37..prostitute and drugs. Case Number: 2007-069855. Date Murdered: 07/14/2007.
Location: 3750 Trovati Street, Orlando, Florida
Age: 37 Race: W Sex: F. Description: On July 14th, 2007, at approximately 10:51 am, deputies were dispatched to 3750 Trovati Street, Orlando, regarding a body discovered at that location. The victim was found nude lying on her back near the west side of apartment 3754. The victim died from a gunshot wound to the head. 

  Katharine Zafra, 36..prostitute and drugs. Sheriff's Office identifies slain woman with scorpion tattoo found in south Orange. October 4, 2011, By Walter Pacheco, Orlando Sentinel. Orange County Sheriff's Office investigators said a passer-by discovered the woman's body about 4:30 p.m. in the 5700 block of Makoma Drive. The Sheriff's Office identified the victim as Katharine Zafra, 36. Investigators did not confirm how Zafra she was killed. The vacant home is located in an area popular among prostitutes and drug dealers. Stripper bars along Orange Blossom Trail also are nearby.
PROFILE OF DAYTONA BEACH FLORIDA UNSOLVED MURDERS: A). Monday December 26th, 2005….Laquetta Gunther, shot in the head with a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson Sigma Series VE, body found naked. B). Saturday January 14th, 2006…..Julie Green, shot in the head with a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson Sigma Series VE, body found naked. C). Tuesday February 24th, 2006…..Iwana Patton, shot in the head with a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson Sigma Series VE, body found naked. D). Tuesday December 11th, 2007…Stacey Gage, shot in the head with a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson Sigma Series VE, body found naked. E). Tuesday April 21st, 2015………..Faith Jenkins murdered, she was arrested in March for prostitution, body found naked.

Orlando Sentinel January 11th 2010,  According to the FBI, the four killings in Daytona Beach Fl are among 28 in Florida that are unsolved and connected to serial killings that the bureau suspects were committed by long-haul truckers. Those include 19 deaths along the Interstate 4 corridor between Tampa and Daytona Beach, although all but one local law-enforcement agency denies any serial-killer cases on its books. The FBI report documents dozens of serial killings of people whose bodies were dumped near popular trucking routes. The report is accompanied by a map that shows the FBI plotting more than 500 serial killings — mostly prostitutes and female drug users — across the United States. A few cases are in metro Orlando, according to the FBI map, but neither the bureau nor local law-enforcement agencies will acknowledge any cases involving serial killers. The FBI also declined to provide a more-detailed map of the Florida deaths.

Sheriff's offices in Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Volusia and Polk — ones that service the I-4 area in the region — said they have no serial-killer cases. Police agencies in Orlando and Kissimmee said they don't either. None could explain where the FBI got its information, so Who’s Zoomin’ Who? Don’t you think the FBI should clue in local law enforcement? Only Daytona Beach police acknowledge they are working a serial-killer case. "We have several people, including volunteers, looking at evidence and following up on leads," Capt. Kerry Orpinuk of the Daytona Beach Police Department said. "But there are no leads that point in any one direction." Capt. Kerry Orpinuk of the Daytona Beach Police Department said detectives are using the FBI’s report as a tool in their investigation. “We are looking at everything, including what the FBI presented on the highway serial killings,” Orpinuk said.
Other recent murders in Central Florida appear to fit a profile laid out by the bureau's probe: The dismembered body of Regan Kendall, 48, was found near Osceola Parkway and Boggy Creek Road in Osceola County in July 2010. And deputies in July 2010 found the naked body of Kelly Lanthorne, 37, behind the Courtyard Villas apartments, near South Orange Blossom Trail in Orange County. Investigators in Orange and Osceola have not said how Lanthorne was slain and would not confirm whether they were victims of a serial killer. "Victims are often picked up at truck stops or service stations, sexually assaulted and murdered. The victims' bodies are left in rural areas along a highway, often in separate jurisdictions or even different states from where they were initially encountered by the offender," FBI Special Agent Ann Todd said. Federal agents launched the map after linking a trucker to the slayings of seven prostitutes whose bodies had been dumped along Interstate 40 in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi. At least 10 serial killers, all of them long-haul truckers accused of murdering more than 30 women, have been behind bars since 2004. The FBI database includes 15 cases in a 30-mile radius of the I-4 corridor, as well as others near Interstate 95. FBI Special Agent Ann Todd would not discuss the specifics of those cases.
I-4 Serial Killer and Dayton Beach Serial Killer Same Guy a Long Haul Trucker Over 30 Cases Near I-4 and I-95 Says FBI. I filmed a Documentary with A&E on the I-4 Serial Killer called “The Killing Season”, we shot our sequence inside the Acme Truck Stop in Orlando at the Red Rooster Diner 9565 S. Orange Blossom Trail Orlando Fl. Release of the A&E I-4 Serial Killer Documentary 'A Killer on the Road' is scheduled for November 26th 2016 at 10:00 PM on the A&E Network. Episode 6 “A Killer On The Road” Episode Info: Josh and Rachel venture across the country to investigate long haul truckers moonlighting as serial killers and uncover systemic failures of law enforcement that kept the group at large. Later: the investigation takes a turn after a potential serial killer Neal Falls, dies in West Virginia.

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