Sunday, November 27, 2016

Kelly Holsopple A Stripper & Prostitute in St Paul MN Passed Character and Fitness Background Check Now A Member Of The Florida Bar

'Resilience in the face of a disappearing dream" In today's Sarasota Herald Tribune they featured a story about a woman who had serious mental health problems in the past but had graduated as an honors student from Riverview High School Sarasota, went on to a degree in political science and criminology from the University of Florida and was accepted to the very competitive law program at Gainesville in 2002. Placed on an anti-depressant and an anti-psychotic, she returned to law school. But faced with a routine background check by the Florida Board of Bar Examiners, which screens all potential law candidates for “character and fitness,” she simply could not bring herself to reveal her history. “They were asking for the hospital’s records and diagnosis,” she remembers. They said, ‘If you don’t tell us anything, you will be permanently barred from applying to the Bar ever again.’ At that point I was already sort of doubting myself, and I just couldn’t bring myself to check the box. I decided I’d just find something else.”She withdrew her application, “with prejudice,” meaning the door to becoming the criminal defense lawyer she once hoped to be would forever be closed. So how did Kelly Holsopple who Was a Stripper And Prostitute in St Paul MN working for the mob become Member Of The Florida Bar?
Kelly Holsopple Was A Stripper And Prostitute in St Paul MN working for the mob Now A Member Of The Florida Bar, plying her trade in Southwest Florida. Kelly Holsopple had been an Associate Attorney for the disgraced David J. Stern Law Firm in Plantation Fl on the East Coast working under her “new name”. Kelly Holsopple earned her B.A. in Socialogy from the University of Minneasota in 1998, she obtained her Doctor of Jurisprudence from a Law School in St. Paul MN in 2003, Kelly Holsopple changed her name in May of 2001 before she came to Florida. Kelly Holsopple worked in the sex trade business for 13 years taking money from men to perform various sex acts, during this time period she was also working as a stripper in clubs around the Minneapolis – St. Paul Metro area. Kelly Holsopple supposedly stopped working as a stripper in 1994, no date is given in her “bio” as to when she stopped taking money from men to perform various sex acts. Does the Florida Bar have any moral standards, obviously not.
St. Paul's attack on storefront sex is working, Published on March 31, 1997. St. Paul soon may declare victory over storefront prostitution, now that the Police Department's quiet, six-year war against the so-called saunas and adult health clubs is almost over. In 1991, when Rebecca Rand was its poster girl, the storefront sex industry thrived in St. Paul with eight saunas and health clubs that police said were thinly veiled fronts for prostitution. Now, only Lee Lenore's, 740 N. Snelling Av., is left, this place was one of former stripper and prostitute Kelly Holsopple's previous employer's. STRIP CLUB TESTIMONY by Kelly Holsopple a stripper and prostitute who makes good, after working for the mob in the St. Paul-Minneapolis Metro area changes her name and she is now member of the Florida Bar.
Kelly Holsopple's book "Pimps, Tricks and Feminists"...The Freedom and Justice Center for Prostitution Resources: A Program of the Volunteers of America of Minnesota, 2825 East Lake Street, Minneapolis MN 55406.The purpose of this paper is to investigate women's experiences in strip clubs and to describe the activities in strip clubs from the women's point of view. The format approach is collective story narrative with the author as part of the collective voice. The research was inspired by the author’s (Kelly Holsopple) experiences in stripping over the course of thirteen years. The author’s intention is to examine the conditions of stripclubs by describing the fundamental way strip clubs are organized. The description features bar activities focused on stripper-customer interactions; survey data on sexual violence in strip clubs (mob owned); and women's thoughts on stripping.

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