Wednesday, November 09, 2016

HERALD TRIBUNE ZAC ANDERSON: Trump's Victory Began With Small Team at 1517 State St Sarasota and Followed Same Formula That Propelled Him to White House.

Sarasota Herald Tribune bottom feeder news reporter Zac Anderson writes today: Trump's Victory Began With a Small Team at Trump HQ 1517 State St Sarasota Fl and Followed The Same Formula That Propelled Him to the White House. Those listed below, by district manager Ashley Byers, are part of the 'small team' in Sarasota Fl at 1517 State St that helped propel Donald Trump to the White House.

Team Trump HQ 1517 State St Sarasota Fl
Ashley Byers
12 hrs ·
We did it! πŸš‚❤️πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Alicia Byers Karen Rosalie Giorno Christina Minna Witold Chrabaszcz Ashton Amelia Jason Funes Jana Martin Nate Strawderman Jeanne Gallo Grace G Warnock Ken Malone Ken Mayo Kent Gray Joe Gruters Joe Alexander Derek Hankerson Danny Coll Christi Gibson Tana Goertz Eric M. Christiansen Marshall Critchfield Michelle Barnett Van Etten Rebecca Taylor Ryan Gibson Ryan O'Dwyer Randy Ross Ryan Shellooe Shane M. Bouvet Shannon Le Doux Fitzgerald Shelly Frederick Grigoroff Sarah Turknett Allen Tyler Teresa Theresa Hill Lonnie Hooks III Sabrina Hooks Brent Kuehl Bill Warner Brian Jack Carole Ward Clover Lawson Dolly Trevino Rump Dawn Platt
Please don't be offended if I missed you when tagging people (it is 3:00am). Everyone should be proud with what has been accomplished! We did what no one thought we could and we did it together. Every volunteer and every staffer has made sacrifices and tonight... finally... we have made it all the way to victory!
God is good! God bless America!
Sarasota Herald Tribune bottom feeder news reporter Zac Anderson did his best during the Trump campaign to malign and belittle Trump and his 'rough' supporters in numerous articles. Far left bottom feeder reporter Zac Anderson for the Sarasota Herald Tribune continued to slam GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump with his nonsense drivel in a Feb 2016 article titled “Five takeaways from GOP debate on eve of New Hampshire primary“. In his article Zac Anderson slams GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump for his defense of the use of Eminent Domain”. It appears that Zac Anderson has little or no idea about what “Eminent Domain” is as used by the US government or how it actually works to benefit society as a whole for the growth of our Country other than that “it’s the Feds or Big Business taking your land”, what a dope. The Fifth Amendment of the Constitution of the USA “Eminent Domain” grants the federal government the right to exercise its power of eminent domain, and the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment makes the federal guarantee of just compensation applicable to the states. See Zac Anderson's article today in the Sarasota Herald Tribune in part below where he now has changed his tune, somewhat, but like Trump says 'The Media is Sleazy Don't Trust Them".
By Zac Anderson Political Editor. Anchoring Donald Trump’s shocking rise to the presidency, his Florida victory began with a small team in Sarasota and followed the same formula that propelled him nationally: Dominate the white vote in suburban and rural areas, win over independents and hold down his opponent’s margins with key Democratic constituencies. Trump did it by campaigning relentlessly in Florida, using the force of his outsized personality and an aggressively anti-establishment, “America first” message to mobilize voters distrustful of elites and disenchanted with politics as usual. In the process, the GOP candidate threw out some of the old rules for winning Florida. In a large state where money for advertising and voter turnout efforts tends to be crucial, Trump was badly outspent but compensated by commanding media attention with large, raucous rallies. He also built an incredibly enthusiastic volunteer base. 

“It’s people who feel like nobody has listened and nothing ever changes not matter who you put in,” said Sarasota GOP chairman Joe Gruters, the co-chair of Trump’s Florida campaign and one of his earliest supporters in the state. Gruters jumped on board with Trump more than a year ago, back when former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and U.S. Sen Marco Rubio seemed like safer bets to win the GOP nomination. No leading Florida Republicans were backing Trump at the time. "I saw a winner," Gruters said. "Success breeds success." Gruters pushed to have Trump's Florida headquarters in downtown Sarasota. He worked with a handful of paid staffers to deliver a big primary win for Trump in Florida over Rubio.

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