My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

Monday, November 14, 2016

Has FBI Top 10 Most Wanted Yaser Abdel Said Been Located in Cairo Egypt his Kidnapped Niece and Nephew are There

Has FBI Top 10 Most Wanted Yaser Abdel Said Been Located in Metro Cairo Egypt. Back on Sept. 19th 2016 I posted: According to National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in Alexandria VA Iman Almetnawy Daughter of Ghada Said has Been Found Where’s Yaser Said? RE: Iman Hesham Almetnawy, According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in Alexandria VA, Iman Hesham Almetnawy aka Eman Hesham Almetnawy the daughter of Ghada Abdel Fattah Said has been recovered, found. Iman (Eman) is a white Egyptian female.
Eman Hesham Almetnawy was born on December 9, 1997 (she also uses December 8, 1997), she would be 18 years old now, her brother Yousef Hesham Almetnawy was born on May 8, 1995 he is 21 now. So if the child/adult female Iman (Eman) has been recovered where is the mother Ghada Abdel Fattah Said who has a felony kidnap warrant out Texas? Ghada Abdel Fattah Said absconded with the children on August 25th, 1999, she has been on the run for 17 years. Facebook photos taken in Cairo Egypt in 2001 show Ghada Said and Yaser Said standing together at the Pyramids in Giza outside of Cairo Egypt, see more below.
SOCIAL MEDIA JACKPOT: CNN Report, A recent survey found that Facebook is the most fruitful social network for law enforcement investigations. Due to the brilliant and diligent investigative work of a woman I will call ‘Sabrina’ it appears that she has located the once kidnapped niece Iman (Eman) Hesham Almetnawy of Yaser Said and her older brother Yousef Hesham Almetnawy in Cairo Egypt through their (and others) postings on Facebook. Sabrina contacted the Euless Police Department at 817-685-1526 in Texas just the other day, but the Detective she talked to discounted her info and would not listen to her. I followed up and called the Tampa FBI, (near my location) yesterday, November 1st, 2016, and spoke in length with a woman who took the full report, no photos were sent at this point, she told me an FBI agent would contact me, we’ll see?

The sister of Honor Killer Yaser Said, Ghada Said, kidnapped her own children Eman Hesham Almetnawy DOB December 9, 1997 (also uses December 8, 1997), and her brother Yousef Hesham Almetnawy DOB May 8, 1995, during a custody battle with her husband. YASER ABDEL SAID Date of Birth: January 27, 1957, Age: 59, Height and Weight 6′ 2″, 180 pounds, Yaser Said is an Egyptian national. Yaser Said told daughters Aminia, 18, and Sarah, 17, he was taking them to get something to eat before he shot and killed them on January 1st, 2008. On January 2nd, 2008, a warrant was issued for the arrest of Yaser Abdel Said, in Dallas County, Dallas, Texas, on charges of Capital Murder-Multiple. On August 21, 2008, a federal Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution warrant was issued by the United States District Court, Northern District of Texas, Dallas, Texas. Uncovered cellphone records showed Yaser Said making multiple calls to family members (his brothers) immediately before and after his daughters’ deaths. Then he disappeared.

FBI Top 10 Most Wanted Yaser Abdel Said has taken his family on multiple trips to Egypt prior to January 1st, 2008, visiting his birth place in the Sinai Egypt along the Red Sea and also to the metro Cairo Egypt area where he has family. Yaser Said always wears sunglasses and Yaser Said always wears a watch on his left wrist.

GHADA ABDEL FATTAH SAID, Date of Birth: September 4, 1966 Age: 50 years old, Height and Weight: 5’2, 115 pounds Distinguishing Characteristics: Black hair, black eyes. Ghada Said is an Egyptian national. Ghada Abdel Said kidnapped her own children Iman Hesham Almetnawy and Yousef Hesham Almetnawy in 1999. Investigating Agency Euless Police Department on Ghada Said: If you have any information concerning this case, please contact: Euless Police Department 817-685-1526 OR Texas Department of Public Safety 800-346-3243.

HONOR KILLER YASER SAID: TRACKING A COLD BLOODED MURDERER. Wanted and on the run Ghada Said is the sister of Honor Killer Yaser Said who is wanted by the FBI with a $100,000 reward on his head and listed as a Top 10 Most Wanted fugitive. Minor children Iman (Eman) Hesham Almetnawy and Yousef Hesham Almetnawy were abducted by their non-custodial mother, Ghada Said. Their father, Hirsham Almetnawy, an immigrant from Egypt, had regular visitation rights, but Ghada Said fled with the children on August 25th, 1999. 

A felony warrant was issued for Ghada Said on November 17, 1999. Ghada Said used a PO Box in Euless Texas jointly with YASSEIN SAID, who has known locations in Shrub Oak Westchester County NY. YASSEIN SAID had also shared a PO Box with Honor Killer Yaser Said in Texas, connect the dots. On the day of the murder, 1/01/2008, Yaser Abdel Said took his Egyptian Passport and $9,000 in cash and nothing else. 

Yaser Said’s only son, Islam Said, has been living in Egypt for several years, he too is most likely in the metro Cairo area. According to his mother Patricia Owens Said in November 2011, she claimed in the years since her daughters’ deaths she has been subjected to constant threats and harassment from her ex-husband’s family members, the Said Brothers. “They have put out to the media that my girls were bad — going to bars, being sexually active, and other lies, just to try to make it seem like their brother Yaser Said had a reason for his behavior,” she said. Several years ago, she said, someone broke into her home and took birth certificates, passports and photos that belonged to her children. A short time later, she said, Said’s family spirited her mentally handicapped son Islam Said away to Egypt, a feat she said couldn’t have been done unless they had his passport.

In 2008, Ghada Said’s brother Yaser Abdel Said was charged with murder after his two daughters were found deceased in Irving, Texas. They were reportedly murdered for being “too American.” Yaser Abdel Said is currently a fugitive wanted by the FBI. Photos of his sister and her children were found inside his residence in Jan 2008, nine years after they fled, they also shared a post office box in Texas. It is possible they are on the run together. Yaser Said was added to the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitive List in December 2014. Caution is advised. Information used to compile this case file came from the following sources:
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
The Charley Project
Texas Missing Persons Clearinghouse
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Federal Bureau of Investigation
NamUs National Missing Persons Data System
Bill Warner Investigations

FBI Top 10 Most Wanted Honor Killer Yaser Abdel Said always had dogs especially tan- and black-colored German Shepherds, see two dogs in photo above. Murder suspect Yaser Said will have at least one tan- and black-colored German Shepherd dog that would require occasional trips to the Vet, even if he is in Cairo Egypt with his relatives. Places with high rates of honor killing include Jordan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and eastern Turkey. “It’s not only in the Middle East,” “It’s wherever they don’t have laws to protect women.” In southern Egypt, “with people living near the Nile in Sinai Egypt, they still practice older traditions, including honor killings.” Yaser Abdel Said was born in Sinai Egypt, his homeland. 

FBI Top Ten Most Wanted Yaser Said had big plans for both girls. Everything would begin in May, when Amina received her high school diploma. She would get engaged to a man he had chosen for her in Egypt, his birthplace. From the groom, Amina would receive a sizable mahr, the traditional dowry. Yaser Said had scrimped for years to provide his own contribution to the marriage: a small vacation “chalet” on the seaside in the Sinai, Egypt. Though a source with the American Embassy in Cairo says Yaser Said has not entered Egypt on his own passport, but he’s likely there, perhaps living in Amina’s house on the seaside in the Sinai. “He is free [in Egypt].” “There is only one way to cleanse the shame—the woman’s blood. They may whisper about his crime, but he’s done his duty.”

Kidnapped ‘Yousef Hesham Almetnawy’ is a white (Egyptian) male. He was born on May 8, 1995, age 21. Curly brown hair, black eyes. He has a birthmark on his left cheek near his ear. Muslims living in Cairo Egypt do not usually have dogs living with them, especially large tan and black German Shepherds as seen in the photo above, but Yaser Said would. Many Muslims, especially in Egypt, believe scripture discourages Muslims from keeping dogs in their homes. This belief is partly based on the Quranic verse describing the dog at the threshold of the cave, as well as a story in which the angel Gabriel breaks a rendezvous with the Prophet Muhammad because a puppy had wandered into Muhammad’s home. “We angels do not enter a home in which there is a dog or a picture,” Gabriel tells the prophet. There are also a few hadith, or sayings attributed to Muhammad, that are hostile toward dogs, including a couple in which he orders the killings of dogs.
Yaser Said and his three younger brothers are all Egyptian nationals, they all have a family trait of protruding ears. Yaser Said owns property in Egypt along the Red Sea in the Sinai. Compelling evidence indicates that the brothers of Honor Killing Taxi Driver Yaser Said were involved in the plot to murder Amina and Sarah Said, “Patricia Owens said Yaser Said’s Muslim brothers convinced her that she and the girls shouldn’t fear him prior to the murder of the girls on January 1st, 2008.” Yaser Abdel Said called his brother Mohsen Said on his cell phone after the murders of Amina and Sarah Said to meet for coffee (‘coffee’ meant trouble, need help). All of Yaser’s 3 younger brothers believed Yaser Said was justified to murder his daughters who were having sex with non-Muslim boys, they all have homes in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area and one has part time location in the New York Metro area, they all link to relatives in the metro Cairo Egypt area.

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