Tuesday, November 15, 2016

4 Sex Workers Bodies Found 10 Years Ago Behind Golden Key Motel on Black Horse Pike Atlantic City NJ A&E 'The Killing Season' Investigates Nov 19th.

4 Sex Workers Bodies Found 10 Years Ago on November 20th 2006 Behind Golden Key Motel on Black Horse Pike Atlantic City NJ A&E 'The Killing Season' Investigates Saturday November 19th 2016. The death of four women who were found behind the Golden Key motel in West Atlantic City a decade ago will be part of a new A&E show, 'The Killing Season'. Two documentarians will look at the killing of Kim Raffo, 35, Molly Dilts, 20, Barbara Breidor, 42, and Tracy Roberts, 23. All four worked as prostitutes in the Atlantic City area. Only two of the women had even been reported missing before their decayed bodies were found in a drainage ditch on the outskirts of town three days before Thanksgiving, (THE MISSING MISSING). No one has ever been charged in connection with their deaths. All four women were found barefoot and positioned with their heads facing east. Two were determined to have been strangled, although the two others were too badly decomposed to rule on a cause of death. Most of the murdered sex workers found on Gilgo Beach Long Island NY were also strangled.
Islamic Law or Sharia calls for the execution of female prostitutes, the most often used method is hanging or strangulation. The 4 Sex Workers Bodies Found 10 Years Ago on November 20th 2006 Behind the Golden Key Motel on Black Horse Pike Atlantic City NJ were strangled and posed, barefoot, all facing East, as possibly towards Mecca. Muslims take off shoes and socks and wash their feet before entering the Mosque, Muslims are supposed to be in a state of physical purification before making the prayer, which includes washing the feet. There is a possibility that the unsub serial killer has Muslim ties and is taking it on his own to terminate prostitutes wherever he finds them, sort of a Muslim Islamic Law Vigilante.
Kim Raffo, 35, worked as a waitress in several restaurants here before turning to prostitution. Joseph Boccino, the owner of Papa Joe’s, a diner on Pacific Avenue here frequented by prostitutes, said she and others seemed to enjoy the independence of working the streets, where they could make their own hours and answer only to their addictions.“They didn’t have pimps and they could come and go,” said Mr. Boccino, who gave Ms. Raffo a cosmetic kit for Christmas last year. On the morning of Nov. 19th, 2006 Mr. Boccino said, Ms. Raffo showed up at the diner shortly after it opened at 2:30 a.m. and ordered her usual breakfast: two fried eggs, American cheese and sausage on a kaiser roll, and a Mountain Dew. He said she then walked out on the street and got into a Black Nissan Maxima with out-of-state license plates. She was not seen again until the next day, when her lifeless body was one of four found face down near rusted train tracks.

Ten years later and no one has been charged with the deaths of four sex workers whose bodies were found in a ditch behind the Golden Key motel in the West Atlantic City section of Egg Harbor Township. The gruesome case will be featured as part of a new A&E series, “The Killing Season,” debuting November 19th. Documentarians will examine the possibility that a similar type serial killer (Killer on the Road) was responsible for this incident and the deaths of several sex workers on Long Island years ago — another case that has gone cold. On Nov. 20, 2006, the South Jersey bodies were discovered by a passerby behind the Golden Key on the Black Horse Pike. Each woman — all known prostitutes in the area — were found barefoot with their heads facing east. A cause of death could not be determined for two bodies as a result of decomposition, but it was determined the other two were strangled. 
Egg Harbor Township Mayor James “Sonny” McCullough, who held the seat in 2006, said the incident is obviously something the township is not proud of, but if publicity of the case on television leads to an arrest, “that would be great.” “Atlantic City is a transient area, so once it hit the news that four bodies were found, I’m not sure that the individual who perpetrated these horrible murders didn’t take off for other places, so that’s what made it more difficult,” McCullough told New Jersey 101.5. When contacted for an update on the investigation, Acting Atlantic County Prosecutor Diane M. Ruberton said the investigation is considered “continuously active,” and the work will continue until the person responsible is charged and convicted. Along with a handful of other motels in the area, the Golden Key was demolished in 2015. “The Killing Season” Atlantic City episode premieres Saturday, Nov. 19th at 9 p.m.

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