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Monday, October 10, 2016

Sarasota Dem Party Chair Christine Jennings Shows Her Age As She Chides GOP Chair Joe Gruters For Claiming Guys Talk Like Trump In Locker Room Situations.

Sarasota Democratic Party Chairwoman Christine Jennings Shows Her Age As She Chides GOP Chairman Joe Gruters For Claiming Guys Talk Like Trump In Locker Room Situations. OMG, Sarasota Democratic Party Chairwoman Christine Jennings was visibly upset on tonight's ABC-7 News at 7:00 PM with Alan Cohn when GOP Chair Joe Gruters said that Donald Trump owned his crude statement about women that has created a firestorm nationwide. 

Trump apologized for his statement and moved on, Gruters said it was locker room language and so be it.  I thought Jennings, who is well into her 70's, was going to have a hissy fit, she said Joe Gruters hit a low blow with his statement that is was 'just locker room language'. Septuagenarian Christine Jennings retorted that none of the men she knows ever talked about women like that, What The Hell? Joe Gruters is the long-time Sarasota GOP chairman and vice chairman of the Republican Party of Florida and the Florida Co-Chair for the Donald Trump Presidential Campaign.

Well I guess that since all of Christine Jennings men are well into their 70' and 80's they really don't get all that hot and bothered about women anymore. Newsflash for septuagenarian Christine Jennings, healthy virile men talk about women, they talk about their looks and their body parts, they talk about women, sometimes in very vulgar tones, to one another in locker rooms, on golf courses, at softball games, in bars, at the race track, almost anywhere were men gather out of earshot of women, it has been that way forever and the younger the men the more vile the talk about babes, just the way it is Christine. 

Sarasota Democratic Party Chairwoman Christine Jennings also claimed it would be inappropriate for Donald Trump to attack the Clinton's for Bill's sexual innuendos that included claims of rape and sexual violence.  Maybe Donald Trump talked 'dirty' about women, but Bill Clinton acted upon on base sexual impulses as governor of Arkansas and President of the USA, that is why he was impeached for lying about Monica, and his wife Hillary spent time and money covering it all up for years.
In August 2007, while Jennings continued her court contest of the 2006 Congressional race results which she lost to Republican Vern Buchanan, the Herald-Tribune reported on a lawsuit filed by Democratic primary candidate Jan Schneider through the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). The lawsuit alleged that Jennings collected but failed to file and submit payroll taxes collected from her campaign staff during the 2006 election. Initially the Jennings campaign admitted that they had failed to pay $23,835 in payroll taxes during the campaign as a consequence of a paperwork error that was cleared up as soon as it was found. Said Jennings, "when I found out about it, I corrected it". However, the next day the Jennings campaign stated that the amount of unpaid payroll taxes was closer to $38,000, but IRS and campaign records indicated that the amount of repaid payroll taxes since July 2006 amounted to $70,126. The revelations followed a 2006 election where Jennings spoke at length about Buchanan's refusal to release his personal tax returns; upon the breaking of the controversy, Schneider referred to the news as a demonstration of "shameful hypocrisy" on the part of Jennings.
CHEATERS: Trump’s Claim That Hillary Clinton Cheated on Bill Rings True in Vince Foster Love Affair and Murder Claims P.I. In a typical left wing liberal media cover-up for the Clinton's CNN's Jack Tapper defended Hillary and vehemently disputed Donald Trump's claim that Hillary Clinton was an adulteress and cheated on Bill. Tapper said Trump was "just making stuff up" in an interview with Rudy Giuliani while Mayor Rudy backed up Trump's statement, WTH: "Rudy Giuliani drudged up past Bill Clinton infidelities during testy Sunday appearances and argued he’s the “right person to level this charge.”In a heated exchange on CNN’s “State of the Union” Giuliani backed up Donald Trump’s accusation over the weekend that Hillary Clinton is an adulteress. The former mayor and top Trump surrogate said the unsubstantiated charge is “fair game.” Tapper shot back: “Just to make stuff up? Just wild accusations Hillary Clinton’s cheating on Bill? No proof of it whatsoever? Everything’s fair game?” Perhaps CNN's Jack tapper should do a little fact checking and get his head out of his ass, read on.......
A book by Christopher Andersen entitled "Bill and Hillary: The Marriage" claims that Foster and Hillary Clinton were involved in an affair that led to Foster's death. According to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in a 1996 Telegraph (UK) article, Hillary Clinton asked Vince Foster to help her spy on her husband in 1990. Foster hired Jerry Parks, an Arkansas investigator who later worked as the head of security for the Clinton/Gore campaign. According to Parks’s widow, “Jerry asked Vince why he needed this stuff on Clinton. He said he needed it for Hillary.” When Vince Foster showed up dead in a Washington-area public park in the summer of 1993, Parks was terrified. Two months later Parks was shot nine times at close range, at a stoplight, in his SUV, in Little Rock Arkansas. Parks’s home was then raided by eight Federal agents, including officers from the FBI, IRS, Secret Service, and (unusual for a domestic case) the CIA.
1992..The Worthen Bank givesBill Clinton a $3.5 million line of credit allowing the cash-strapped presidential candidate to finish the primaries. A massive "bimbo" patrol is established to threaten, buy, or otherwise disarm scores of women who have had sexual encounters with Bill Clinton. The campaign uses private investigators in an extensive operation that will be joked about at the time but later will be seen as a form of blackmail as well as psychological and physical intimidation. After the election Vincent Foster meets with James McDougal and arranges for him to buy the Clintons' remaining shares in Whitewater Development Co. for $1,000.
1993.. Two Arkansas state troopers describe arguments between the Clintons, including (in the words of Washington Times reporter Jerry Seper) "Hillary Clinton fuled foul-mouthed shouting matches and furniture-breaking sessions." Hillary Clinton and David Watkins move to oust the White House travel office in favor of World Wide Travel, Clinton's source of $1 million in fly-now-pay-later campaign trips. The White House fires seven long-term employees for alleged mismanagement and kickbacks. The director, Billy Dale, charged with embezzlement, will be acquitted in less than two hours by the jury. Vince Foster, the Clintons' attorney, finally files several missing Whitewater tax returns.
1993..On July 19, FBI director William Sessions is fired. Clinton personally orders him by phone to turn in his FBI property and leave headquarters. That evening, Clinton security aide Jerry Parks' wife Jane says she overhears a heated telephone conversation with Vince Foster in which her husband says, "You can't give Hillary those files, they've got my name all over them." On July 20, Clinton names Louis Freeh as Sessions' successor. That same day, the FBI raids David Hale's Little Rock office and seizes documents including those relating to Capital-Management. Just hours after the search warrant authorizing the raid is signed by a federal magistrate in Little Rock, Vince Foster apparently drives to Ft. Marcy Park without any car keys in a vehicle that changes color over the next few hours, walks across 700 feet of park without accruing any dirt or grass stains, and then shoots himself with a vanishing bullet that leaves only a small amount of blood. Or at least that is what would have to had occurred if official accounts are to be reconciled with the available evidence. There are numerous other anomalies in this quickly-declared suicide. Despite two badly misleading independent counsel reports, Foster's death will remain an unsolved mystery. Less than three hours after Foster's body is found, his office is secretly searched by Clinton operatives, including Hillary Clinton's chief of staff. Another search occurs two days later.
Meanwhile, US Park Police and FBI agents are not allowed to search the office on grounds of "executive privilege." Writing of the purported Hillary Clinton divorce draft papers of 1988, journalist Philip Weisss will report: "That file still existed in '93, and the Clintons were scared it would get out. Remember--and this is fact--that on the night of Foster's death in July 93, his office was rifled of files. And the phone records unearthed by Michael Chertoff suggested strongly that Hillary Clinton was in on that activity, talking to Maggie Williams and Bernie Nussbaum and as I recall Susan Thomases too, in a series of frenetic calls that night. . . .Two months after Foster died, a former Clinton aide named Luther "Jerry" Parks was murdered gangland style as he drove through Little Rock. ... Parks's son told me that his father had worked with Foster to put together the divorce file, and that he kept a copy of that file, and the Clinton people wanted it. There have been suggestions that Parks was shaking people down with what he knew; and he came to a bad end."

Vincent Foster Deputy White House Counsel Died: July 21, 1993. Found dead in Ft. Marcy Park in Washington, DC, of a supposed suicide by gunshot. A suicide note was supposedly found a few days later, torn into several pieces, in his briefcase, after his office had been entered by White House staff and materials removed. The "suicide" note, (leaked despite official efforts to keep it from view) has since been revealed to be a forgery. Neither Foster's fingerprints or blood were on the gun he supposedly inserted into his mouth and fired. There was no blood on Foster's hands. Foster was also from Hope, Ark., like Hillary and Bill Clinton, and also worked for the Rose Law firm as did Hillary. Foster had intimate knowledge of the Clintons' personal finances. Foster was involved in an investigation of their finances, and reportedly made a phone call to Hillary Clinton, in Los Angeles, just hours before his death. Foster had been called to testify to Congress about the records Hillary refused to turn over. More than a few Little Rock insiders believe Hillary Clinton was having an affair with Vince Foster.

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