Friday, September 02, 2016

Sarasota Real Estate Agent Phyllis Misner Writes Negative Review Of MY Detective Agency Without Ever Being a Client or Even Speaking to Me?

Phyllis Misner, a Sarasota Fl real estate agent and the walking definition of an entitled millennial, posted a negative review of my Private Detective Agency business without ever being an actual client, without ever actually meeting me at my office and without ever actually even speaking or calling me? Phyllis Misner is nothing more than a troll using the the internet to vent her frustrations in not getting what she wants, sad little person. Stick to the real estate biz Phyllis Misner. Phyllis Misner contacted me on Facebook and wanted me to investigate people in law enforcement in Sarasota Fl, no way I told her, "sorry not interested in this", and then I blocked her. Apparently Phyllis Misner can not handle rejection, see her "review" below:

Phyllis Misner-
entitled millennial
a week ago..August 25th, 2016

Really rude person. I messaged Bill on Facebook (wanted me to investigate people in law enforcement in Sarasota Fl) and instead of being professional as he indicates on his page/website, he replies "sorry not interested in this" and then blocks me from messaging him! What kind of professional operates in this manner? I also read a 1 star review on his Facebook page, and again, instead of being professional about a negative review, he replies like a child " I have never met or spoken to this nutjob. The only people who write negative things about me are criminals." Well, I'm certainly not a criminal and am gladly writing a negative review. What a joke.

"Sorry Phyllis I do not investigate people in law enforcement and then give out their personal information, we are Pro Law Enforcement here!
s.119.071(4) (d), Florida Statutes provides for the exemption of home addresses and telephone numbers from public disclosure for certain occupational groups as listed below. Note: Home addresses and telephone numbers of spouses and children of individuals who are covered by these occupational groups are also exempt from public disclosure, two of the groups are:"

  • Active or Former Law Enforcement Personnel
  • Active or Former Correctional and Correctional Probation Officers.

 mitranoc writes: Rude. This guy has a real chip on his shoulder. Asked him what his background was and he said he didn't want to do business with me. Grow up man!

ANOTHER TROLL WRITES NEGATIVE REVIEW: Got a call from Charles at 561-531-9480 in Sarasota Fl (who uses the handle mitranoc) who wanted me, I guess, to do a background check on myself before he would hire me, WTH? Charles felt that private investigators were scammers on the internet. Too many trolls and nut cases like Charles at 561-531-9480 around today, "Sorry Charlie I don't do business with trolls".

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