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Florida Bulldog: 9/11 terrorists, submersibles and untold Fort Lauderdale story links to 2002 ICE Sarasota Fl investigation of Terror support network

By Dan Christensen, 9/11/2016 ....On September 12, 2001, Fort Lauderdale businessman Bill Brown’s morning routine began like most others. After dropping his young daughter off at day care, the widower drove to work at his marine accessories store, The Nautical Niche. What Brown says happened next was anything but ordinary. The parking lot of his store at 2301 S. Federal Highway was filled with federal agents and police. “As soon as I arrived, they asked if we could go inside and talk,” said Brown. “They gave me a name and asked me who the person was. I wasn’t familiar with the name and I said, ‘Why do you ask?’ An agent said that he and several other men were the ones who flew into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon” the day before. Confused, Brown replied that he knew nothing about the attacks. “Well, your phone number was the most prominent on his call list and it looks like you had a substantial relationship together,” an agent said. 

“We want to know his association with you.” Agents from the FBI, CIA, U.S. Customs and Immigration (now ICE) were present that morning, but it was the FBI that took the lead, Brown said. They copied his sales records and later had Brown take a lie detector test in which he was asked only a couple of questions about his patriotism. “I gave them complete access to our computer and anything I had,” Brown said. “We come to find out…they were customers of mine.” Brown said it was determined that one or more hijackers had purchased between four and eight K-10 hydrospeeder submersibles in multiple transactions at a cost of $20,000 apiece. The now-retired Brown, 60, recalled that one or two of those high performance diver propulsion vehicles was shipped to Singapore, while another was sent to a location in the Northeast U.S. He recollects that shell companies were used in some transactions. READ THE WHOLE STORY see

Report: al Qaida targets Pearl Harbor..WASHINGTON, March 3 2003 (UPI) -- Militants linked to Osama bin Laden's al Qaida network have targeted U.S. military facilities in Pearl Harbor, including nuclear-powered submarines and ships, The Washington Times reported Monday. In the past two weeks, U.S. officials received intelligence reports about the terrorist threat to the Hawaiian harbor and these coincided with reports of the planning of a major attack by al Qaida, the group blamed for the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks on New York and Washington. The Times said the reports were one reason why the threat level was raised from yellow to orange. Last week, the alert status was again lowered to yellow or elevated. Underwater UDT attack via submersible diver propulsion vehicle at Pearl Harbor. At the time, March 2003, of the official story put out by FBI on the proposed attack on Pearl Harbor by Al-Qaeda it was going to be a hijacked airline attack, but the UDT attack does make sense, see

If your going to drive a underwater submersible diver propulsion vehicle you need dive equipment and training. Along with the Florida Bulldog story on the submersible diver propulsion vehicle sales in Fort Lauderdale Fl prior to 9/11/2001 to a Al-Qaeda terrorist, there was a ICE investigation that started in April 2002 of several Moroccan individuals living in Sarasota Fl linked to a support of terrorism network. One of the Moroccan individuals was making calls during April of 2002 from Sarasota Fl to Maui Hawaii, 13 phone calls to 7 different cell phone numbers in locations in Hana – Kiheil – Lahaina- Wailuka Maui Hawaii, there are dive shops in all or near the locations, the man making the phone call has been deported.
1). Kiheil Dive shops Maui Hawaii
2). Lahaina Dive shops Maui Hawaii
3). Wailuku Dive shops Maui Hawaii
4). Hana Dive shops Maui Hawaii

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