Thursday, August 11, 2016

Manatee Republican Party Member Kevin Siffermann Heads Up 'Team Vernon' Sent Me Threatening Messages

The USF Sarasota-Manatee Debate with Republican Candidates Joe Gruters and Steve Vernon for Florida State House District 73 seat will take place on August 20th at USFSM’s Selby Auditorium, 8350 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. Steve Vernon Sent out Flyer Attacking Joe Gruters Kids and Manatee Republican Party Member Kevin Siffermann who Heads Up 'Team Vernon' in Manatee County sent me threatening messages over my support of Joe Gruters, what the hell is wrong with these people in Manatee County? Are you an internet troll Kevin Sifferman? Apparently Kevin Siffermann uses an online persona of 'Wanker Tampa Fl'.

Kevin Siffermann, apparently a member of the Republican Party in  Bradenton Fl, aggressive actions and statements at the Trump Headquarters on State Street in Sarasota Fl caused Kevin Siffermann to be banned from the building by the office manager.

Back in February of this year I received threatening and very sexually explicit Text messages and vulgar Facebook messages from Kevin Siffermann who lives in the in the Parrish/Bradenton Fl area. Kevin Siffermann claims he heads up "Team Vernon" (Steve Vernon) of the Manatee Republican Party, Kevin Siffermann was livid concerning my favorable articles about Donald Trump and Joe Gruters, at the time I was not aware of who Steve Vernon was. In a Facebook message from Manatee Republican Party Member Kevin Siffermann he states, "I can assure Gruters has nothing to do with ground game with Trump campaign. He has been a ghost and does absolutely nothing for the campaign. Trunp has staff in Sarasota that is so green, way over their head. They dont gave a clue", If Trump wins it will because of Trump. Trumps ground game dies not exist especially in Florida (SIC), apparently this unhinged member of the lunatic fringe Kevin Siffermann has been to the Trump HQ at 1517 State Street Sarasota Fl, this is concerning. 
I showed the office manager at Trump HQ at 1517 State Street Sarasota Fl the threatening messages from Kevin Siffermann on my cell phoneI had to block Kevin Siffermann’s phone number 941-799-1226 and block him on Facebook, next step will be to file a criminal complaint with the Manatee County Sheriff, guy is unhinged. I cannot print all the violent, sexually explicit threats I received from Kevin Siffermann in text messages but Kevin Sifferman stated: “I will pissed all over you, I am going to expose you as the bitch you are. Tell Joe (Gruters) no house senate seat (District 73)…stay out of Manatee. I will be making sure he loses state senate seat, Team Vernon is on you, sitting here with a room full of Veterans they all know who you are now, what a little bitch you are. Kevin Siffermann claims a link to “Team Vernon” (Steve Vernon). There is a Kevin Siffermann linked to the Concerned Veterans for America. There is a Kevin Siffermann linked to the Manatee Republican Party.
*UPDATE NOTE....Kevin Siffermann has never been a client of my company "Bill Warner Investigations", I have never met this person nor even talked to him on the phone and yet he has the nerve to post a 'Review' of my Business, " On Feb 24, 2017 Kevin Siffermann wrote online: This guy is truly an awful person. He will lie, create false post, create false facts, fake an investigation. photo shop, and basically deceive anyone that is against his agenda Just stay away from this person. He is one of the most dishonest people you could ever be involved with. He will go beyond his duty to slander, lie, spread hate, no matter whom he hurts. As long as he's paid enough, he will do anything to slander anyone. Kevin Siffermann appears to be a unhinged member of the lunatic fringe.