Saturday, August 13, 2016

Manatee County Political Blunder: Jeers to Steve Vernon a Republican Candidate for Florida House District 73 Who Described Opponents Kids as a Distraction “This is disgusting.”

Manatee County Political Blunder of the season: Steve Vernon, who is in his 70's, one of the Republican Candidates for Florida House District 73 described his Opponent Joe Gruters kids as a Distraction in flyer, “This is disgusting” wrote Sydney Gruters in a letter to Republican women voters in Manatee County stating no child should ever be described as a distraction, what the hell is wrong with this Vernon guy. In simple fact checking public records of this Steve Vernon guy, I find it very odd that his father had a different last name than "Vernon" in his online Obituary, so did his mother, did Steve Vernon change his last name, and if he did why? Florida House District 73 voters need to have transparency in their political candidates, who are they and what do they represent.

BRADENTON HERALD: Political blunder to bring in children: Jeers to Steve Vernon, one of the two Republican candidates for Florida House District 73, which encompasses a vast area of East Manatee. Vernon dragged his opponent’s three children into the fray by insinuating Joe Gruters was stretching himself too thin with his many commitments and would not have time to adequately serve the district’s constituents. Vernon defended the campaign flier, claiming Gruters was taking the “bullet point” out of context.

There’s only one way to take anything remotely like that: badly. This smacks of a bygone era when society frowned upon women entering the workforce, insisting they stay home, raise the kids and bake cookies. Joe Gruters’ wife, Sydney, put the matter in the correct context in a letter to Republican women voters in stating no child should ever to described as a distraction: “This is disgusting.” Indeed. READ IT AT

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