My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dark Money From 'Stop Benefits to Illegals NOW' and 'Conservatives for Truth' Backed Fl District 73 House Seat Candidate Steve Vernon

The Manatee County race for House Seat District 73
2016 Primary Election

Joe Gruters.....10,342 votes
Steve Vernon....9,958 votes

Some of the nastiest mail pieces are coming from Committee to Protect Florida, but a second group, calling itself Stop Benefits to Illegals Now, is also getting in on the act, taking in $40,000 in contributions, including a $25,000 chunk from Leadership for Florida’s Future. That group, in turn, collected $100,000 from Citizens Alliance for Florida’s Economy on August 12th. Where did that money come from? Only one day earlier, Citizen’s Alliance took in $100,000 from the Florida Justice political committee. Stop Benefits to Illegals NOW” and  'Conservatives for Truth' have been playing in several state House races across the state of Florida. Jason Garcia with Florida Trend pointed out the groups have received $50,000 directly from the Florida Justice Association. The “Florida Justice PAC,” the political arm of the Florida Justice Association, gave “Citizens Alliance for Florida’s Economy” $155,000 in 2016. In turn, the “Citizens Alliance for Florida’s Economy” has given more than $300,000 to “Conservatives for Truth.” And records show “Conservatives for Truth” gave “Truth in Politics” $221,000 between Aug. 10 and Aug. 25, what the hell kind of a shell game is this?

Over the last two days, mailers from a group calling themselves Stop Benefits to Illegals NOW!, have poured into Manatee County accusing Joe Gruters of raising hundreds of thousands of dollars from “special interest groups.” Another slams him for living in “liberal Sarasota County” - a longtime Republican stronghold that has not voted for a Democrat for president since Franklin D. Roosevelt. The district the two are battling for includes both Manatee and Sarasota counties, though the bulk of the district is in Manatee.

Florida Division of Elections records show that Stop Benefits to Illegals NOW! was created on July 25 by Carlie Knight, who lists her address in Cape Coral at an executive office suite rental company that also leases out mailbox addresses. More than half the of the $40,000 that group has raised comes from a political action committee calling itself Leadership for Florida’s Future. That group in turn reports collecting 85 percent of its money in August so far from one group called Citizens Alliance for Florida’s Economy, which collects donations from dozens of groups. How much Stop Benefits to Illegals NOW! has spent on mail pieces won't likely be known until after Tuesday's election when it will have to next report its spending. Joe said the “dark money” that is nearly impossible to trace shows Vernon is a “hypocrite” and is the one who is really in bed with special interest connections who are directing the mail pieces. Steve Vernon has fired back at Joe Gruters on Facebook, calling Joe Gruters a “bold face liar.”

One Large Donor is Rodger Dowdell of the National Liberty Alliance Which Touts Wacky 'We The People Citizens Grand Jury' who donated $1,000.00 to Steve Vernon's campaign. Rodger Dowdell is the State coordinator for the National Liberty Alliance and a Tea Party activist who denies being a 'sovereign citizen', claims the states are sovereign the states have the right to nullify any federal law, but nonetheless spouts sovereign citizen rhetoric says “Grand jury powers come from God.”  CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS STEVE VERNON STATE DISTRICT 73: ON 03/15/2016 ..$1,000.00-  DOWDELL, RODGER B. 7804 SLOANE GARDENS COURT UNIVERSITY PARK, FL 34201 

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