My website dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My website dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes
My website is dedicated to articles on crime and terrorism and those perpetrators who commit the crimes. Don't do the crime and then complain about your notoriety. I do not choose who commits the crimes, my articles are NOT based on the perpetrators Race, Color, National Origin, Sex, Religion, or Age. Photos are posted of the perpetrators from mugshots of available and certified websites of law enforcement agencies. All Information on my website pulled from open source criminal records and Media/News reports, ALL PUBLIC RECORD. Don't do the crime and you won't do the time. We’ll tell you what’s true. You can form your own view. At Bill Warner Investigations, no one tells us what to write.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

UPDATE: FBI Finally Releases 4 Boxes of Classified Material on May 31 2016 in The hunt for Secret Sarasota Saudi Support Network for 9-11 Hijackers

UPDATE: FBI Finally Releases 4 Boxes of Classified Material on May 31 2016, (on the same day the Broward Bulldog filed a Motion with the federal judge to award substantial attorney fees) in the hunt for Secret Sarasota Saudi Support Network for 9-11 Hijackers. In the ever ongoing Lawsuit filed by the Broward Bulldog News on the FBI and the Department of Justice back in September 2012 it appears that the FBI is opening up the doors to their secret vault on the Sarasota Saudi investigation of 2002, see court filing of June 2nd 2016 above. 

The Sarasota Herald Tribune and the Miami Herald have joined in the Federal Lawsuit against the FBI concerning the 2002 Secret Sarasota Saudi investigation. Back on April 30th 2014 the FBI has identified four more boxes of “classified” 9/11 documents held by its Tampa field office. The government, however, has yet to comply with a federal judge’s orders that it turn over, it took 2 years for FBI to give up the info what the hell?


Lawyers for the Florida Bulldog have asked a federal judge to award substantial attorney fees for years of efforts to obtain secret reports about the FBI’s post-9/11 investigation of Saudis in Sarasota with apparent ties to the suicide hijackers. The court papers filed Tuesday May 31st 2016 seek a court hearing and also show how the Fort Lauderdale Freedom of Information (FOI) case ties into a better-known push to declassify 28 pages that were cut out of a 2002 report by Congress’ Joint Inquiry into the terrorist attacks. Those censored pages involved “specific sources of foreign support” for the hijackers while they were in the U.S. In the Fort Lauderdale case, a federal judge is reviewing for possible public release 80,000 classified pages about 9/11 located in the FBI’s Tampa field office. Judge William J. Zloch ordered the Bureau to produce those records for his private inspection two years ago. The Florida Bulldog’s parent, Broward Bulldog Inc., sued the FBI and the Justice Department in September 2012 after the FBI claimed to have no records about its Sarasota investigation
In a report to Congress the FBI discredited its own field agent in charge of the secret Sarasota Florida 2002 investigation implicating a Saudi family that owned a home in Prestancia in the 9/11 attacks. That agent’s reports surfaced as news organizations covered the anniversary of the terror attacks on New York and on the Pentagon. The FBI now says that the FBI’s own secret report — the basis for the news reports — “was poorly written and wholly unsubstantiated.” “When questioned later by others in the FBI, the special agent who wrote the EC (Electronic Communication) was unable to provide any basis for the contents of the document or explain why he wrote it as he did,” the FBI report to Congress states. Click here to read the FBI’s report to Congress on its own 9/11 review.

Article Daily Beast: In April 2002, “based upon repeated citizen calls,” the FBI Tampa Field office opened an investigation, which “revealed many connections” between Abdulazzi al-Hiijjii “and several individuals associated with the terrorist attacks including Mohamed Atta,” according to one of the few released documents. I first contacted FBI agent Greg Sheffield at the Fort Myers office on April 4th 2002, (that is where he was working out of) concerning a group of Muslim men in Sarasota Fl that may have some connection to the financial support of terrorism, see FedEx delivery receipt above. A full scale investigation started in June 2002 based out of the Sarasota Police Department Intel Division with the Sarasota Sheriff Dept, ICE and the FBI: “One key FBI agent in the Sarasota Saudi investigation was Gregory Sheffield, who worked out of the agency’s Tampa field office (in Fort Myers). Following the intensive first months of the 9/11 investigation, Sheffield was promoted to an inter-agency intelligence-gathering job in Honolulu, and has since retired, a source with knowledge of the matter told the Herald-Tribune.” Regarding Sheffield, Julin said: “He at least seems to be someone who would know about the writing of that report, if he didn’t write it himself.”

Sarasota FBI office at 1800 2nd Street suite 600, towards the top in the photo above and to the far left. This is absolute nonsense…I am aware as to who the Sarasota FBI field agent involved in the investigation of the Sarasota Saudi family was in 2002, he would and could not file a report on the Sarasota Saudi family in 2002 without the approval of the Special Agent in Charge (SSA) of the Tampa Office who at that time was James F. Jarboe. This is how it works, and to say now that the April 2002 report was flawed and not verified is bull. There are no “Lone Wolf FBI Agents” who file reports on their own, especially about 9/11!

The whole FBI Tampa Regional Office and SSA James F. Jarboe were aware of what the Sarasota FBI Field Agent (name redacted) was doing and what he was writing concerning the investigation of the Sarasota Saudi family, see above, Tampa to Tampa 4/03/2002. The Sarasota FBI office at 1800 2nd Street suite 600 is basically a satellite office of the FBI Tampa Regional office at 5525 W Gray St, I have been to both offices multiple times, big difference, the Sarasota office does nothing without the approval of the Tampa office, period! In 2002 the FBI boss of the Orlando to Tampa to Sarasota to Naples Fl Region was SSA James F. Jarboe. No FBI Sarasota field agent would have ever filed a report on the Sarasota Saudi family in April of 2002 without his approval (SSA James F. Jarboe) and the approval of his boss who at the time was FBI Director Robert Mueller, get real! See info below on who was in charge in 2002 of the FBI in Southwest Florida.
ST PETE TIMES March 6th, 2002…FBI Director Robert Mueller has appointed James F. Jarboe special agent in charge of the Tampa Division. Jarboe, 53, is expected to fill the job in April or May. He replaces Robert Chiaradio, who left in December after nine months in the top job. Mueller tapped Chiaradio to become one of his four executive assistants, positions created in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks to help the FBI with counter-terrorism. Jarboe is a 22-year FBI veteran “with a widely recognized record of investigative accomplishments,” according to an FBI news release. He will oversee about 150 agents spread over his 18-county jurisdiction, which reaches from Orlando to Naples and includes Orange, Sarasota, Pinellas, Lee, Charlotte and Hillsborough Counties to name a few.

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