Saturday, June 25, 2016

Nearly 15 years after 9/11 Obama Still Has Not Unlocked Secret FBI Redacted 28 Pages of Saudi Support Network Investigation, Trump Would Have!

Nearly 15 years after 9/11, the question of a Saudi connection has arisen again amid new calls for the release of a long-classified section of a 2002 congressional inquiry into the attacks. But nearly 15 years after the attacks, the question of a Saudi connection has arisen again amid new calls for the release of a long-classified section of a 2002 congressional inquiry into the attacks that discusses a possible Saudi role in the terrorist plot, the so-called 28 pages, whose secrecy has made them almost mythical. The commission’s final report said, “We have found no evidence that the Saudi government as an institution or senior Saudi officials individually funded” al-Qaeda. 

Today, some commission staff members point out that the wording did not rule out the possibility that lower-ranking Saudi officials had assisted the hijackers. Speaking to the New York Times, Mindy Kleinberg, whose husband died in the World Trade Center on September 11, said: 'It's stunning to think that our government would back the Saudis over its own citizens.' 

Ms. Kleinberg is part of a group of victims' family members pushing for the legislation against the Middle Eastern country, however so far all attempts to sue the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have failed. The group says the Obama administration has 'consistently sided with the kingdom' and thus thwarted their efforts to learn 'the truth about the role some Saudi officials played in the terrorist plot.'

In its report on the still-censored “28 pages” implicating the Saudi government in 9/11, “60 Minutes” said the Saudi role in the attacks has been “soft-pedaled” to protect America’s delicate alliance with the oil-rich kingdom. During the 60 Minutes segment, Steve Kroft asked Former US Sen Bob Graham if he believes Saudi Arabia was involved in the attack. “Substantially,” the former senator responded. He said support came from the Saudi government, charities, and rich people in the country. 
Tim Roehmer, a former Democratic senator, has read the 28 pages. He said a connection between five of the alleged hijackers and Saudi cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in California is “enough to make you squirm and uncomfortable.” That’s quite an understatement. Actually, the kingdom’s involvement was deliberately covered up at the highest levels of our government. And the coverup goes beyond locking up 28 pages of the Saudi report in a vault in the US Capitol basement. Investigations were throttled. Co-conspirators were let off the hook.
Former US Sen Bob Graham said it was crucial for Obama to declassify the 28 pages, not only to allow the families of 9/11 victims to seek justice for their loved ones, but also to show Saudi Arabia and other nations that there were consequence to allegedly supporting terrorist attacks against the United States. He said: 'I think that the Saudis who know what they did and have a pretty good idea that the United States, at least at the highest levels, knows what they did and then nothing's happened. 'They've interpreted this as being impunity and have continued to fund terrorist organizations and to train the next generation of recruits in their mosques and madrasas.'

President Donald Trump would never have allowed all of this nonsense! Case agents interviewed at the Joint Terrorism Task Forces in Washington and San Diego, the forward operating base for some of the Saudi hijackers, as well as detectives at the Fairfax County (Va.) Police Department who also investigated several 9/11 leads, say virtually every road led back to the Saudi Embassy in Washington, as well as the Saudi Consulate in Los Angeles. “The FBI was thwarted from interviewing the Saudis we wanted to interview by the White House,” said former FBI agent Mark Rossini, who was involved in the investigation of al Qaeda and the hijackers. The White House “let them off the hook.” What’s more, Rossini said the bureau was told no subpoenas could be served to produce evidence tying departing Saudi suspects to 9/11. The FBI, in turn, iced local investigations that led back to the Saudis.

The FBI covered their ears (asses) every time we mentioned the Saudis,” said former Fairfax County Police Lt. Roger Kelly. “It was too political to touch.” Even Anwar al-Awlaki, the hijackers’ spiritual adviser, escaped our grasp says Lt. Roger Kelly of the Fairfax County Police Department's criminal intelligence division in Virginia. In 2002, the Saudi-sponsored cleric was detained at JFK on passport fraud charges only to be released into the custody of a “Saudi representative.” It wasn’t until September 2011 that Awlaki and Samir Khan were brought to justice — by way of a CIA drone strike.

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