Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Following Open Letter to President Barack Hussein Obama by Cathy Aumack-Bandy "When Evil Comes to a Community in Orlando"

Following is a open letter to Mr. President Barack Hussein Obama written by Cathy Aumack-Bandy in Ruskin Fl that gets right to point and tells it like it is, "you have to define the enemy of radical Islam to defeat it". Call it what the shooter called it A Mass Murder by a Radical Islamist. A Mass Killing of the "infidels" by a member of ISIS.
Cathy Aumack-Bandy·Wednesday, June 15, 2016
When Evil Comes for a visit...There are no words.... 50 dead and 53 Critical. It is believed that the death toll will be raised. The "largest Mass Shooting in US History." Is there a contest? "An act of Domestic Terrorism." As if it makes a difference where the person comes from when they reek such damage. It does make a difference what is behind the evil. "The shooter was a "Radical Islamist" who had pledged his allegiance and his life to ISIS." When will our leaders accept that "Radical Islam" is a threat to our people. ISIS is a threat to threat right here in Tampa. It’s a threat to the safety in my hometown Keyport, NJ a threat to my new hometown, Ruskin, FL. It is a threat to the safety of our friends, our neighbors, our relatives. It is a threat now. Today. 

We, as a nation, get ahead of the people who would kill us because of the way we live. We, as a nation, must put aside our need to be so "Politically Correct." I would never want to insult an entire population. An entire Religion. However to deny that followers of "Radical Islam" are committing atrocities throughout the world and doing it in the name of their Religion is naive. Mr. President...It's not "Radical Presbyterians" out there cutting the throats of journalists. It's not "Radical Baptists" blowing up homes. It's not "Radical Catholics" calling 911 to pledge their allegiance to ISIS as they head out to reek havoc on an unsuspecting community. It's not "Radical Buddhists" yelling "Alla Akbar" as they take aim and slaughter so many. It's time to wake up America. Mr. President... The shooter called 911 to pledge his loyalty to ISIS. He shouted Ala Akbar as he shot innocent patrons of the bar. We are at War. Not in the Middle East. Right here,on our soil. There are many Islamist Radicals living among us who seek to destroy us as a nation. The national news media is saying "this is a terrible tragedy." People being killed in an earthquake is a tragedy. A train derailment is a Tragedy. A young child dying from heart disease is a Tragedy. This situation is indeed tragic, bit it's not a tragedy. 

The unprovoked shooting and murder of innocent people is an Attack. It is a Mass Murder. And, most importantly, it is a Political Statement. Yes, it is Tragic; but certainly not a tragedy. Until we, as a people, as a country, begin to knock the knees out of "Radical Islam" we will remain behind the eight ball of it's imminent threat to our safety. If we see it as a Gun Control Issue we miss the point that if every gun was gone from the face of the earth those who worship ISIS, and believe the teachings of Radical Islam, would kill us with sticks or whatever tools they could find. The idea that we can legislate ourselves out of this threat is fantasy land. It's time for us to wake up. Mr. President. It's time to address this as the issue it is. It is more than a Law Enforcement Problem. Call it what the shooter called it A Mass Murder by a Radical Islamist. A Mass Killing of the "infidels" by a member of ISIS. ISIS has "Claimed Responsibility" for the shooting. Now ISIS must be held Responsible. That Flag their members fly so proudly over their conquests must come down. That Flag must be seen as a Target. Not as a call to worship. Not as an invitation to crazies. What are you going to do? You hold the power here Mr. President. The spotlight of the world, the spotlight of ISIS is upon you. The people of our country look to you. ISIS should be held responsible and held responsible Quickly. Now, on the other side of the Country, a man has been arrested with multiple weapons and various explosives heading to a Gay Pride Festival. When will we ever learn...I don't know about you, but I've had enough. May God Forgive us all. Even God is angered...

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jerzeycate (AKA Cathy Aumack-Bandy)
Ruskin, Florida

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