Tuesday, May 03, 2016

GOP Presidential Front Runner Donald Trump Claims Ted Cruz's Dad "Was With" Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans In 1963 Prior to Murder of JFK

GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz's father, Rafael Cruz, was in New Orleans during 1963, the year that New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison claimed his city was the focal point for the plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. The plot involved a number of Cuban exiles of which Rafael Cruz was one. Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald claimed, as part of his "fake defector" persona, to be a member of the pro-Castro Fair Play for Cuba Committee. 
The committee just happened to share an office address with Guy Banister's private investigation agency. Guy Banister Associates was located on the ground floor of the Newman Building at 5312 Lafayette Street while Oswald's "pro-Castro" Fair Play for Cuba Committee was located around the corner but on the ground floor of the same building but with an address of 544 Camp Street. Banister was a retired FBI agent who continued to carry out tasks for the bureau and the CIA. The Newman Building housed a number of anti-Castro groups, including the Cuban Revolutionary Council, Crusade to Free Cuba Committee, the Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front, Anti-Communist League of the Caribbean, and Friends of Democratic Cuba.  
While living in New Orleans, Rafeal Cruz was also active with anti-Castro movements and the chances that he did not cross paths with Banister and the other anti-Castro activists, including CIA agent Sergio Arcacha Smith, are highly unlikely for such a close-knit community at the time.

A photo of Rafael Cruz’s mug shot courtesy of Ted Cruz’s private collection via Harper Collins. When Rafael Cruz was 17, (in 1956), an informant turned him in. He was arrested and taken to jail, where forces loyal to Batista held him for several days and tortured him. Soldiers broke his nose and bashed his front teeth in — “until they dangled from his mouth,” according to Ted Cruz's book.
1939 - Cuba.....Canada Ted's father, Rafael Cruz is born in Cuba. As a young man, Rafael joins the Cuban Revolution that ultimately empowers the Castro family. He joins Fidel's guerrilla army and espouses a violent revolutionary Marxist-communist ideology.

APRIL, 1961 - Cuba....Jack Kennedy, in a valiant effort to liberate oppressed Cubans from the iron death grip of communism, attempts a regime change operation in Cuba known as the Bay of Pigs invasion. With this act, Kennedy demonstrates his strong anti-communism credentials, horrifying socialists like Rafael Cruz and Lee Harvey Oswald in the process.

1963 - New Orleans....Rafael Cruz moves from Texas to New Orleans. APRIL 24TH, 1963 - New Orleans...After moving to Dallas, Texas, Lee Harvey Oswald arrives in New Orleans on April 24th, 1963, where Canada Ted's father is waiting to meet him. PBS once said: "If there was a plot to kill President Kennedy, then it was probably hatched in New Orleans. It was here that Lee Oswald may have crossed paths with men that hated Kennedy and wanted him eliminated." At this time, Rafael Cruz and Lee Harvey Oswald share a mutual admiration for Fidel Castro, who they view as a hero willing to challenge Western imperialism and capitalism. During Oswald's stay in New Orleans from April 24th to September 25th of 1963, Rafael Cruz and Oswald supposedly bond while distributing anti-American/pro-Castro pamphlets in downtown New Orleans.

Lee Harvey Oswald was 5' 9" tall with a thin build the man with the dark hair in white shirt standing next to him in 1963 photo above appears to be about 5' 7" tall with a thin build. One of the Cubans hired by alleged JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and who bears a striking resemblance to Rafael Cruz is seen in an iconic photograph of Oswald and a group of Cubans Oswald hired who were distributing "Hands off Cuba!" pamphlets in New Orleans in the summer of 1963. The photo of Oswald and other Cubans he hired for the Fair Play for Cuba Committee was taken outside the International Trade Mart in New Orleans on August 16, 1963.

GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz is 5' 8' tall, in the photo above Rafael Cruz is standing next to Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz appears to be about 5' 6'" tall in the photo above, Rafael Cruz is now 77 years old and as we age we do loose some height.

SEPTEMBER 25TH, 1963 - Cuba... With the plan to murder Kennedy now fully in motion, Oswald disappears from New Orleans. The Warren Commission pretends as though he vanishes into thin air, but according to recently de-classified CIA documents, he heads straight to Cuba, Rafael and Ted Cruz's fatherland.

NOVEMBER 22ND, 1963 - Dallas ...Oswald, with the assistance of pro-Castro factions of the CIA and the Mob murders Kennedy in Dallas, Texas.

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