Friday, April 15, 2016

Irving Police Detective Joe Hennig got several tips from New York about FBI Top 10 Most Wanted Yaser Said’s whereabouts.

By: Staff. Irving Police Detective Joe Hennig got several tips from New York about FBI Top 10 Most Wanted Yaser Said’s whereabouts. Yaser Abdel Said made the list in 2014 after the Lewisville cab driver was charged with multiple capital murders for killing his two teen-aged daughters. Irving Police Detective Joe Hennig says he’s been consumed with capturing Said for the last eight years. “He was upset because they were dating, for one, and dating non-Muslims,” remembered Hennig. “And yet, he married a Baptist.” The sisters, 17-year-old Sarah and 18-year-old Amini, were killed New Year’s Day of 2006. They were found dead in their father’s cab in Irving. “A father killing his two daughters,” said Hennig. “I mean, you really can’t get much worse than that.”
FBI Most Wanted Taxi Driver Yaser Said And His Sister Ghada Said Could Be Hiding in Plain Sight in ‘Little Egypt’ Astoria Queens NY. My investigation on Yaser Said has been featured in major newspapers and TV news programs like the ‘UK Daily News’, the ‘NY Post‘, the ’NY Daily News‘, and “Fox News National“, VIDEO INSIDE EDITION, VIDEO MEGYN KELLY FOX NEWS and VIDEO JOHN WALSH’s AMW. The Muslim underground in New York City is hiding Honor Killer Yaser Said and his sister Ghada Said and has been for years.
FBI top 10 most wanted Honor Killer Yaser Abdel Said is # 1 on my list, he raped and murdered his two teenage daughters. Yaser Said is a taxi cab driver always has been always will be, anytime, anywhere. Yaser Said has always owned German Shepherd dogs. The Said girls were shot there in their seats. They were both shot multiple times. It appeared that they had been shot sitting where they are. We didn't believe they had been moved or anything like that. According to the coroner, Amina died almost instantly. Sarah, he shoots in a pattern all around her body, her limbs, to drag out her death. What kind of creature is that? What kind of evil, psychotic devil is that?
ATTENTION VETERINARIAN OFFICES: FBI Top 10 Most Wanted Yaser Said always has tan- and black-colored German Shepherd Dogs. FBI Top 10 Most Wanted Yaser Abdel Said always had dogs especially tan- and black-colored German Shepherds see two dogs in photo above. Murder suspect Yaser Said will have at least one German Shepherd dog that would require occasional trips to the Vet.

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