Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Donald Trump Wins Big In NY Republican Primary as 'Grandpa Munster Ted Cruz' Goes Back to The Lab to Work on his Extremely Sarcastic Personality

UPDATE 9:50pm Tuesday April 19th 2016...NAILED IT, in my post earlier today at 3:09pm I went out on a limb and predicted Donald Trump would win at least 65% of the vote in the NY Republican Primary, as of 9:50pm he had 64.5% percent of the vote, see my earlier post below.

Grandpa Munster Ted Cruz keeps a laboratory in the cellar his house, and often refers to "going down to the lab." The potions and magic spells he devises for the Delegates are central to many of his campaign successes. Many of Grandpa Munster Ted Cruz inventions are less than successful, but he never stops thinking up new ones. Grandpa Munster Ted Cruz can transform himself into a wolf or a bat. In later campaign rallies this year Grandpa Munster Ted Cruz changes to and from a bat simply at will. Grandpa Munster Ted Cruz has an extremely sarcastic personality, and often insults his Republican campaign opponents. While Grandpa Munster Ted Cruz is generally considered the wisest member of his clan, he also has a decidedly stubborn streak. If he feels he isn't getting his due respect, he will let everyone know it, and often sulk or go to extreme lengths to demonstrate his offense at a perceived slight. While generally a successful mad scientist and magician who hoodwinks Republican Delegates, Grandpa Munster Ted Cruz shows a somewhat sloppy approach to his craft, often proceeding with unwise experiments, without taking sensible precautions, possibly explains Grandpa Munster Ted Cruz resounding defeat today in the NY Republican primary by GOP front runner Donald Trump.
My prediction for today is a landslide win for Donald Trump in the NY Republican primary with at least a 65% of the vote, Ted Cruz will only gather 19% of the vote.
Back on Tuesday, March 08, 2016 I posted and predicted the following...NEWS HEADLINE MARCH 16th 2016: Donald Trump Wins Florida GOP Primary Marco Rubio Dispatched to ‘Blithering Idiot Land’. Donald Trump will win the Florida GOP Primary on March 15th. “Republicans need to figure out a way and rationale to fully support Trump assuming he does as well in upcoming contests as he did on Super Tuesday,” countered a North Carolina Republican. “The door is swinging shut on the others and will slam shut when he wins on March 15. Trump is winning fair and square unlike dirty tricks Ted Cruz. If the Republican Party tries to support some disingenuous alternative, that will have the same effect as throwing a case of hand grenades in our own GOP tent. 

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