Tuesday, March 22, 2016

TOLD YOU SO 'BRUSSELS UNDER ATTACK BY MUSLIM TERRORISTS': Donald Trump Was Correct we Need to Monitor Muslims and Take Out ISIS.

TOLD YOU SO 'BRUSSELS UNDER ATTACK BY MUSLIM TERRORISTS 34 DEAD 146 WOUNDED': Donald Trump Was Correct we Need to Monitor Muslims and Take Out ISIS as Muslim terrorists attack Brussels airport and subway system. One of the Muslim suicide bombers targeted the American Airlines ticket counter, coincidence, I think not!
On "Fox and Friends" this morning, Donald Trump reacted to the terror attacks that rocked the Brussels airport and subway system Tuesday morning, killing at least 26 and injuring dozens. Trump said the "absolutely horrible" attacks reinforce how important it is to make sure our border is secure and we vet anyone who enters the U.S. He explained that tragedies like this and what happened in Paris in November seem to be becoming more and more frequent. "We have a worldwide situation (Muslim Terrorists) that is out of control," Trump said.

Brussels, Belgium (CNN)Three explosions that ripped through the Belgian capital of Brussels on Tuesday killed at least 26 people and wounded 130 more, according to Belgian media, and raised the reality of terror once again in the heart of Europe. 

"We were fearing terrorist attacks, and that has now happened," Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel told reporters. Belgian federal Prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw said it was too soon to know exactly how many people died in the bombings. Yet the Brussels Metro Authority reported that 15 died and 55 were wounded in the subway station blast. 

And Belgian media reported at least 11 more people were killed in the two blasts in the Brussels Airport departure hall. Of the two explosions at the airport, at least one was a suicide bombing, Van Leeuw said. A blast happened there outside the security checkpoints for ticketed passengers and near the airline check-in counters, an airline official briefed on the situation said.

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