Saturday, March 05, 2016

Sarasota Herald Tribune Political Reporter Zac Anderson Continues His Jack Wagon Attack on Donald Trump, Joe Gruters Sets Him Straight

Sarasota Herald Tribune Political Reporter Zac Anderson Continues His Jack Wagon Attack on Donald Trump. We all don't live in Namby Pamby land Zac Anderson we want a man as president with "true grit" who will protect us. Donald Trump's front-runner status roils Republican Establishment GOP in Florida. Never in recent times has a presidential front-runner so divided either party, a fact that is especially obvious in Florida. As Trump ramps up his Florida campaign in advance of the state’s March 15th primary, nearly every elected official, party big wig, political operative and high-profile donor in the state remains cool, if not downright hostile, to the celebrity billionaire. U.S. Sen Marco Rubio has more than 80 current and former Florida officials backing him. Trump has two. Instead of starting to consolidate his support after a sweeping series of victories in Super Tuesday states, Trump is facing an all-out assault in Florida by those who view the state as the last chance to derail his campaign. 

Trump and his fans wear the lack of establishment support as a badge of honor. Some say it benefits him by reaffirming to grassroots Republicans that he is an outsider who is not beholden to anyone. “He’s a guy who is willing to attack Bush 41 but he has to sit and think about whether he’s going to denounce the Ku Klux Klan, it’s outrageous,” said Rick Wilson, a prominent GOP consultant in Florida and outspoken Trump critic, alluding to Trump's criticism of former President George W. Bush's handling of the Iraq War. “No Republican official, no Republican officeholder wants to deal with that, wants to get that stink on them.” Uproar Over Donald Trump’s Supposed Refusal to Disavow Duke and KKK in CNN Interview – Trump Later Forcefully Denounced Duke and KKK –Is a Manufactured Controversy Joe Gruters Said.
When Muslim terrorists continue to plot and go operational with their self radicalized "junkyard dogs" you get a bigger meaner dog to stop them. Who do you want out there protecting the churchyard gates — a choir boy or a tough guy with a loaded gun and a kick-ass demeanor? Evangelicals answered resoundingly. They went for Donald Trump in a rout on Super Tuesday see…/COL…/160309825/2416/FRONTPAGE

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