Sunday, March 13, 2016

Far Left Lib Operative Tom Dimassimo Jumped Barricade and Rushed Stage at Donald Trump Rally, Dimassimo Is a Black Lives Matter Agitator Who Stomped the Flag at Wright Univ.

A FAR LEFT LIBERAL protester hurdled a barricade and rushed the stage while Donald Trump spoke at an Ohio rally on Saturday in the latest drama to unfold during the most contentious campaign season in recent memory. Four Secret Service agents encircled the startled Republican front-runner at the Dayton event after Thomas Dimassimo, 32, charged over a fence at the back of the stage and came close enough to touch it. 

The platform shook, and Trump jerked around to look behind him. Seconds later, as agents behind the stage wrestled Dimassimo to the ground, Trump gave a double thumbs-up and quipped, “I was ready for him, but it’s much easier if the cops do it.”

Dimassimo, whose social-media accounts indicate he is part of the Black Lives Matter movement and a Bernie Sanders supporter, was charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic. A student of Wright University in Dayton Ohio, Tom Dimassimo is a progressive leftist thug who has participated in various protests including flag burning. By his own admissions DiMassimo is self-identified as an activist with Black Lives Matter, and various left-wing social justice groups (Communists).  
In addition he’s a Bernie Sanders supporter. However, shocking new ISIS propaganda video has surfaced including footage of Tommy DiMassimo. The footage appears to be part of ISIS anti-U.S. agenda. This video was uploaded in May 2015. You can see DiMassimo is the principal subject within the video which begins with him dragging a flag and talking to the camera operator at Wright State University.

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