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Why The Hell is Beyonce Saluting Violent Black Panthers Who Murdered Betty van Patter Who Was Going to Expose Their Drug Dealing School Funded By David Horowitz in 70's

The SUN Newspaper UK.....FIST clenched in a Black Power salute, Beyonce turned her Super Bowl gig into a political stand – one she might live to regret. American football bosses had demanded an explosive half-time performance to mark 50 years of the extravaganza but the singer had another anniversary in mind. Her guest turn on Sunday was brashly choreographed as a tribute to the Black Panther Party (BPP), the militant, ­murderous civil rights group founded in the year of the first Super Bowl. Flanked by dancers in the Black Panthers signature black berets who then fanned out into an X shape in ­reference to race extremist Malcolm X, Beyonce and her stunt hijacked the gridiron final. Now some onlookers wonder if it might also have hijacked her career.

But to those who know the history of the Black Panthers and Malcolm X, her bold move was ­bewildering, (like me). The Black Panther Party (BPP) most notorious crime was the killing in 1974 of Black Panther bookkeeper Betty van Patter, 45. She had raised concerns that leaders were misappropriating money from the group’s flagship children’s breakfast program to buy drugs before she went missing. Weeks later her body was found, face caved in with a blunt instrument. Police had insufficient evidence to charge anyone, but Huey Newton, who had founded the Panthers along with Bobby Seale, was later said to have confessed to ordering the hit. He also allegedly admitted that Betty van Patter had been raped and tortured before she was killed by the Black Panthers. 
The “self defense” part of the Program involved appearing in public places heavily armed. While the anti-police (“pig”) rhetoric captured the attention of radicals who were beginning to flirt with “revolutionary violence,” the reality was that BPP (which patrolled the streets in armed squads) was engaging in warfare against the police rather than “defending the people” against them. As Eldridge Cleaver told Reason magazine in 1986: “We [Panthers] would go out and ambush cops, but if we got caught we would blame it on them and claim innocence.
Despite starting out to protect blacks from police brutality and to set up community programs, the Black Panther Party (BPP) were soon famed for lawlessness, ruthlessness and links to extortion, drug dealing and murder. Formed in Oakland, California, in 1966 — less than 50 miles from where the Super Bowl was played in Santa Clara — the “Black Panther Party for Self-Defence” was always clear about its aim. The Panthers backed the use of force. Their first move was to put armed citizen patrols on the streets to monitor police activity. FBI boss J Edgar Hoover dubbed them “the greatest threat to internal security of the country”. Popular Panther chants included: “The revolution has come, it’s time to pick up the gun. Off the pigs.”
In October 1967 Huey Newton, his photo above, shot and killed Oakland police officer John Frey. The facts of the case were beyond dispute. But Newton’s attorney, Charles Garry, alleged that because the American justice system, from the police through the courts, was thoroughly infested with racism, it would be impossible for a young black like Newton to get a fair trial anywhere in the country. “The system,” Garry claimed, was responsible for putting so many innocent black males in jeopardy.
During his trial for Frey’s killing, Newton became a national hero to New Leftists like Tom Hayden, who, as noted earlier, celebrated the Panthers as “America’s Vietcong,” proudly likening them to the Communist guerrillas who were killing U.S. forces in Southeast Asia. The Panthers’ contention that blacks constituted an “internal colony” in America and could only be liberated by armed revolution, became standard rhetoric for the Left.In December 1967 BPP formed a coalition with the Peace and Freedom Party, which was composed mostly of young whites who opposed the Vietnam War. Out of this coalition, the “Free Huey” movement was created by leftists sympathetic to Newton’s effort to fight back against a satanic United States.

David Horowitz helped launch the Black Panther Liberation school “learning center” (Educational Opportunities Corporation) registered to Huey P. Newton. When Huey Newton was accused of killing a teenage prostitute, and fled to Cuba in 1974, Elaine Brown took over the Black Panther Party (BPP).
Black Panther Party (BPP) boss Elaine Brown, her photo above, asked David Horowitz to recommend an accountant. David Horowitz sent over Betty Van Patter, who worked on Ramparts’ books. Months passed, and Betty Van Patter called David Horowitz one night, upset at what she had found in the party’s books. She took her concerns to Elaine Brown who was embezzling money from the State to buy guns and drugs for the Black Panthers.
A month later, police found Van Patter’s body floating in San Francisco Bay, her head caved in. Although journalistic investigations, including one Horowitz wrote, pointed to Panther involvement in her kidnapping and murder, no one was ever charged. The death upended Horowitz. He had seen the Panthers’ gangster style, sensed their menace, and yet David Horowitz failed to properly warn Betty Van Patter. After Betty Van Patter disappeared David Horowitz called a Black Panther official (most likely Elaine Brown) and said “You have to find Betty!” The Black Panther official said, “That woman!” “She knew all our secrets.” “She knew too much: you (David Horowitz) told me that I could trust her!” Several days later, David Horowitz said the same Black Panther official called and said, “David if you should get run over by a car, I’d be really upset because people would say I did it.” 
A contributor to numerous right-wing publications, Horowitz is the president of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture, a think tank financed by conservative funders that serves as an incubator for right-wing radicals. The group’s online journal is Front Page Magazine. FrontPageMag also known as FRONTPAGEMAG.COM, is an online political magazine, edited by David Horowitz and published by the David Horowitz Freedom Center a non-profit organization in Los Angeles, California.
The David Horowitz Freedom Center has set up several websites and blogs to attack me (PI Bill Warner), such as “Muslims Against Sharia”, for exposing them for what they really are, I in turn filed a Lawsuit against them. At least one of these blogs is still active calling me the “worst private investigator in Florida”, well Mr. Horowitz and Mr. Spencer and Ms. Geller, I have just scratched the surface on all the dirt I will dig up on you:
David Horowitz Freedom Center
P.O. Box 55089
Sherman Oaks, CA 91499-1964
“Muslims Against Sharia” and “Terror Free Oil” both appear to have been fronts for the David Horowitz Freedom Center in California, both websites for “Muslims Against Sharia” and “Terror Free Oil” solicited donations to be sent to P.O. Box 55089 Sherman Oaks, CA 91499-1964 for the ultra right wing David Horowitz Freedom Center. The David Horowitz Freedom Center in California is an ultra right wing organization that solicits donations from a variety of websites, Robert Spencer’s “Jihad Watch” is one, to support conservative political candidates around the nation. There is a grass roots campaign run out of the David Horowitz Freedom Center in California that uses an extensive array of direct mail campaigns to contact like minded individuals around the USA seeking donations to help elect conservative candidates. This is all very political.   
David Horowitz said Robert Spencer is “part of our small but evidently effective family.” The Freedom Center had a budget of $4.5 million in 2010, according to its tax filings, of which $290,000 came from the conservative Bradley Foundation, which also gave $75,000 to the Center for Security Policy last year. David Horowitz has received an average of $461,000 a year in salary and benefits over the last 6 years, while Robert Spencer has pulled in an average of $140,000, according to the center’s IRS filings. But, David Horowitz said, “Robert Spencer, David Horowitz, Pam Geller — we don’t do this for the money — we do this because we believe in it,” Ha, Ha, yeah all the way to the bank with your money, suckers, see

From information obtained from a Federal Subpoena served on inc it has been revealed that the owner of the website that used the phony name of “Muslims Against Sharia” with a phony president listed as Khalim Massoud is actually American Starlex Inc run by a Alex Dobin out of Omaha NE, see above verification from Enter.Net web hosting company. There are no “Muslims” at “Muslims Against Sharia”. The fraudulent Muslims Against Sharia website,, has been terminated, see link The website hosting company EnterNet has discontinued service TO the phony Muslims Against Sharia website, which had been paid up to date until 8/29/2012 after numerous complaints by Bill Warner. Alex Porter had run a scam business called “Terror Free Oll” based in Omaha NE, “Muslims Against Sharia” and “Terror Free Oil” both used PO box numbers in the same Post Office in Omaha NE.

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