Thursday, February 11, 2016

Fox News Settles in For Long Campaign With Donald Trump The Candidate Who Proves the Media Has Lost Its Power, Don't Mess With The Donald!

GOP front runner Donald Trump is so much smarter than the far left mainstream media and the establishment GOP. He is playing at another level like Michael Jordan did years ago, or LeBron James does today, and he is playing them for fools. Every time the fat left media, the establishment GOP, or "The Donald’s" critics and opponents for President of the USA think he’s destroyed himself with outrageous and offensive comments (just telling it like it is), his ratings go up, and they wind up with egg on their face. Donald Trump has them all in his pocket and they don't have a clue, following are some recent examples.
A February 9th 2016, article from New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman. Fox News Settles in for a Long Campaign With Donald Trump, a Candidate Who Proves the Network Has Lost Its Power, Don't Mess With The Donald! With his decisive win in New Hampshire, Donald Trump dashed the GOP Establishment's hope that skipping last month's Fox News debate would sink his campaign. By claiming more than a third of the New Hampshire vote, Trump not only exceeded expectations and more than doubled the vote tally of any of his rivals -- but also demonstrated that disregarding Fox News doesn't spell political ruin for a Republican. 

The grip that Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes, and Co. have held on the GOP for nearly a generation got a little looser Tuesday night Feb 9th when Donald Trump blew away the competition in New Hampshire. Inside Fox there is confusion about what role the network should play in this altered media ecosystem going forward. According to three insiders I spoke to, the channel's hosts and producers are split over how to cover Trump. Historically, in moments like this the strategy would be clear: Punish the person who publicly crosses Fox. But network boss Ailes has tried that, and Trump not only survived the PR assaults, including one last month, but he seems to have emerged stronger than ever.
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February 9th, 2016..Goofball Mort Zuckerman The Evil Weasel of NY Daily News Slams GOP Front Runner Donald Trump on His New Hampshire Huge Win. A number of liberal media outlets have been taunting the GOP front-runner and his supporters, not least with today’s front cover of The New York Daily News by publisher Mort Zuckerman ‘The Evil Weasel’. The New York Daily News printed another vicious front-page about its dislike for Donald Trump on Wednesday — and the GOP presidential front-runner quickly fired back, attacking the evil weasel Mort Zuckerman as the “dopey” owner of a “worthless” tabloid nobody else wants to own. GOP front runner Donald Trump told “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday that NY Daily News boss Mort Zuckerman is “jealous as hell” of Trump’s campaign. “They use my name. They do the clown thing every week. I’m on with a clown picture,” he said. “Maybe it sells, maybe it doesn’t sell. But the NY Daily News paper is going bad.”
February 7th, 2016 Far Left Sarasota Herald Tribune Reporter Zac Anderson Continues to Slam GOP Presidential Front Runner Donald Trump With Misinformation. Far left bottom feeder reporter Zac Anderson for the Sarasota Herald Tribune continues to slam GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump with his most recent drivel titled “Five takeaways from GOP debate on eve of New Hampshire primary“. In his article Zac Anderson slams GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump for his defense of the use of Eminent Domain”. It appears that Zac Anderson has little or no idea about what “Eminent Domain” is as used by the US government or how it actually works to benefit society as a whole for the growth of our Country other than that “it’s the Feds or Big Business taking your land”, what a dope. The far left liberal Sarasota Herald-Tribune newspaper, with a circulation of 79,845 readers, in the past has endorsed far left socialist President Barack Husein Obama, “2008 endorsement: Obama“, but in 2012 no endorsement: “Herald Tribune Will not endorse this year” as previously stated, we will no longer recommend candidates for office, but they sure can degrade the ones they fear the most.

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