Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Donald Trump Says Ditching Fox News Debate and Not Confronting Highly Overrated News Babe Megyn Kelly Was a Bad Idea

NY POST: Donald Trump took the blame Tuesday night for his loss in Iowa, admitting that skipping last week’s final precaucus GOP debate might have cost him first place and musing that he could have done better with his ground game in the Hawkeye State. “I think it could’ve been with the debate,” Trump admitted in New Hampshire when asked about his second-place finish. “I think some people were disappointed that I didn’t go into the debate.”

Trump pulled out of the Fox News Channel debate on Jan. 28 after the Fox network refused to remove Megyn Kelly, with whom he had clashed, as one of the moderators. The candid admission from a normally defiant Trump could be seen as vindication for Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, who refused to buckle to his demands.
CNN News:  Donald Trump's fight with Fox News has exposed another personal feud -- the fight between Fox stars Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly. The animosity between O'Reilly and Kelly is an open secret in the halls of Fox. People there disagree about its origins, but they agree the two prime time hosts are highly competitive with one another. The strained relationship was most recently visible on the air when O'Reilly interviewed Trump on Wednesday night. Trump had publicly pledged to skip Fox's GOP debate the next day -- a protest, he said, of Kelly's unfairness and Fox's defense of her. O'Reilly, who has been friends with Trump for decades, pleaded with him to reconsider. The conversation stretched out over two blocks of O'Reilly's 8 p.m. show, so O'Reilly had plenty of time to stick up for his colleague, whom Trump had harshly criticized incessantly for nearly six months. But when Trump said he had "zero respect" for the "highly overrated" Kelly, O'Reilly was silent.

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