Thursday, February 04, 2016

Another Sovereign Citizen Arrested in Florida This One is Michael Ramos of the 'United States Patriot Army' in Tampa Fl He Uses 'We the People' Rhetoric.

A Florida man who is a self-proclaimed member of the “United States Patriot Army” was arrested Monday after a business partner reported seeing pipe bombs in the suspect’s Tampa home. Michael Ramos was arrested by agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives who recovered the bombs, tear gas canisters and smoke bombs when they raided the house, a local Fox affiliate reported.

His business partner, Kenneth Ray O’Neill, contacted authorities after seeing seeing a shoe-box-sized wooden crate in Mr. Ramos‘ bedroom holding four or six pipe bombs, Fox reported. Mr. O’Neill said he asked Mr. Ramos about the box, and Mr. Ramos confirmed that they were bombs that he made himself, using materials he bought at Home Depot and through Mr. Ramos said that he put birdshot into the bombs, saying, “It would kill the neighbors if one of the bombs went off,” Fox reported.
Fox news reported that Ramos was part of a local militia called the United States Patriot Army in St. Petersburg, better known as domestic terrorists parading as Patriots, and was known to express his strong anti-government views. By the looks of one of his Facebook posts, this guy should have spent more time on his education and less time playing with weapons.
Mr. Ramos told detectives that he was unhappy with the government and was a member of the “United States Patriot Army” based out of St. Petersburg, Florida. After being taken into custody, investigators found postings on Mr. Ramos‘ Facebook page expressing his anti-government views, including one that read:

The United Sates Constitution: we the people have the right to assemble a ARMED MILITIA to regulate government when they get out of control. They don’t want you to know that. We need to stand for our rights. Before we COMPLETELY LOOSE (sic) THEM
I have had a long running dialog with Sovereign Citizens aka We The People in the Sarasota, Venice, St Pete and the Tampa Fl area, I have taken the results of my investigation of this group to the media, see:
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