Saturday, January 30, 2016

What was sex offender Justin Wagers doing in Bloomington IN at 4:30 am on Friday June 3rd 2011 when IU student Lauren Spierer went missing?

UPDATE: SUNDAY JANUARY 31st 2016 EX-CON SEX OFFENDER JUSTIN WAGERS. A man whose address in court records matches the Martinsville home searched by law enforcement Thursday in the Lauren Spierer case has a felony conviction for threatening to kill a woman. Justin M. Wagers, 35, pleaded guilty to felony intimidation in 2012 after violating a protective order and telling the woman she "should say goodbye to her family and close friends." Bloomington police said Wagers, who is now a registered sex offender, made 44 phone calls to the woman over a two-day period from July 31 to August 1, 2011. During one of those calls he allegedly said, "Let me tell you something. I could slip into your house and do you in and nobody would even know I was there." The Bloomington police report said the woman was "scared for her life" and believed Wagers capable of harming her physically. Wagers' relationship with the woman is unclear from the police report, but he told her, "You are going to be sorry for hurting me." Wagers received a three-year prison sentence, with two years suspended, for the felony intimidation conviction.

What was sex offender Justin Wagers doing in Bloomington IN at 4:30 am on Friday June 3rd 2011 when IU student Lauren Spierer went missing? It's 23 miles From where sex offender Justin Wagers lives in the 2900 block of Old Morgantown Rd, Martinsville, IN to 500 block of N College Ave, Bloomington, IN where Lauren Spierer was last known to be at about 4:30 am on June 3, 2011. What was sex offender Justin Wagers doing in Bloomington IN at 4:30 am, was he at/or in the the Waffle house parking lot?
Vanished: Last-Known Steps of Lauren Spierer Led Her Past Waffle House on 10th Street and N. College Ave, Waffle House Was Open at 4:30 am. “The only place open at 4:30 am on Friday June 3rd, 2011 along the path that Lauren Spierer took up and then back down N. College Ave near her apartment at Smallwood Plaza was the Waffle House at 530 N. College Ave. The Waffle House is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, there are cars in the parking lot that faces N. College Ave at all times, it has been determined that two male registered sex offenders work at this Waffle House. Known fact that sex offenders hang out with same.

Sex Offender Justin Wagers: According to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, Wagers has been a registered sex offender since 2007. That’s when he was released for crimes he was convicted of in 2005. But Indiana court records indicate Wagers first faced criminal charges as early as 1999. In total, he’s been charges with sex crimes, including public indecency and vicarious sexual gratification, more than two dozen times in several counties. In 2011, Wagers was picked up again for intimidation, invasion of privacy and harassment in Monroe County and public indecency in Johnson County.  
Meanwhile, private-eye CEO Bo Dietl blasted Bloomington Chief Michael Diekhoff. “The family shouldn’t be learning about this from the media,” Dietl told The Post. “The Bloomington police have kept this family in the dark for four years now.” In 2011, Dietl called the top cop “Gomer Pyle” — accusing him of not cooperating with his gumshoes and of soft-pedaling in the probe. He apologized then, but renewed his attack Friday. "The chief of police used to be a traffic cop. Maybe he should still be a traffic cop,” he said.

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