Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Supporters Seek to Persuade Democrats to ‘Ditch and Switch’ for Donald Trump Republican Front Runner For President, I did in 2012.

NEW YORK TIMES...At a campaign event for Donald J. Trump in Mississippi last weekend, Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson — two African-American YouTube stars who go by the names Diamond and Silk — rallied the roaring crowd with a plea. “Ditch and switch! Ditch and switch!” they yelled. The pitch was directed at Democrats and independents in the audience, urging them to become Republicans and vote for Mr. Trump if they really want to show their support. It could be an important strategy for Mr. Trump as the pace of primary season picks up, and he looks to turn his raucous campaign events into voters, delegates and ultimately the Republican nomination. To accomplish that, Mr. Trump will be relying on people who do not tend to vote and trying to persuade some Democrats and independents to change parties so that they can vote in states that allow only registered Republicans to participate. Ms. Hardaway and Ms. Richardson are former Democrats who became supporters of Mr. Trump and jumped to the Republican Party in North Carolina in September. While they are not formally affiliated with the campaign or paid by it, they have been urging other supporters of Mr. Trump to follow suit on social media and at rallies. They have even created a “ditch and switch” website explaining to voters which states are closed primaries and when the deadlines are for changing party affiliations.

I had been a lifelong member of the Democrat Party, my parents were Democrats and my grandparents were Democrats in Sarasota Fl, as of 9/11/2012 I am no longer a member of the Democrat party and have changed my affiliation to the Republican party. I am embarrassed for the USA and I was embarrassed to be linked to the Democrat party of which president Barack Obama is the supreme leader. Barack Obama failed to properly respond to the terror attack on our Country and our US Consulate in Libya, and in Cairo and in Yemen and just about every other US Consulate and US Embassy around the world. Barack Obama needs to stop telling our Marines at every US Consulate and US Embassy around the world to ‘stand down’ and allow them to put bullets in their rifles and ramp up the rules of engagement.

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