Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sarasota Florida's ESPN Hall of Fame Announcer Dick Vitale is an Active Fundraiser for Republican Congressional Candidates what About Donald Trump?

COLLEGE BASKETBALL & POLITICS: Gotta ask if Dick Vitale, an active fundraiser for Republican Congressional Candidates in Florida and who apparently help influence Florida Governor Rick Scott to come around to support the $40 million Nathan Benderson Park rowing center in Sarasota Fl of which Dick Vitale is a huge advocate, would support Donald Trump. Rumors link a possible Donald Trump -Rick Scott President- Vice President ticket in November 2016. 

Donald Trump has America's pulse: Rick Scott. Florida Governor Rick Scott says he doesn't plan to endorse any candidate before the March primary. But in an editorial published by USA Today, Scott says Donald Trump is "capturing the frustration of Americans". Gov. Scott says he knows Donald Trump personally. And he likens his 2010 gubernatorial bid to Trump's run for the presidency. Scott writes when he announced his first gubernatorial bid, he bucked the republican establishment  and noted "one establishment member even said to me 'how can you be Governor? I don’t know you.'”

If we have a sport full of emotion, we need an announcer who employs the communicative art of emotion. And no one does this better than Dick Vitale. He brings to the public life of sports a genuine, unadulterated enthusiasm—from his famous bellow about the double-overtime Duke-North Carolina Basketball game of 1995 that he “could stay there all night” to the moment earlier this year when the camera caught him dancing with cheerleaders during a Murray State game. As Dick Vitale himself has said, “I let my emotions and feelings go.”  His emotion is relentlessly kind and gentle—a rare thing among male sports announcers in particular. He uses great plays—a great dunk, a great pass—to praise rather than to taunt. He brings a humanity to the games he calls, referencing his daughters during his broadcasts, and how proud he is of their educational successes. He often talks about how he cries at key moments—for instance, when vocal lesions kept him from broadcasting part of a recent college basketball season, or when he was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Dick Vitale is an active fundraiser for Republican congressional candidates, especially in Florida as he lives in Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota Fl area.

Dick Vitale and Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott: The $5 million state lawmakers set aside in 2011 for a Sarasota rowing center was deemed to have no statewide purpose, and Scott vetoed it. Dubbed a "turkey" by Florida TaxWatch, the rowing center stood out amid $615 million in spending that Scott axed that year. It was a defining moment for the new governor, a grand gesture to his tea party base and discontent with government spending. "Special interests probably aren't happy with the tough choices I made," Scott said with a swipe of his veto pen, "but I am confident everyone can agree that funding for our children and students is more important than pleasing Tallahassee's special interests." Fast forward to Thursday August 15, 2013. Florida Gov. Rick Scott stood at Regatta Island at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota under a crowded tent teeming with local officials, rowing enthusiasts, business leaders and ESPN analyst Dick Vitale, who thanked him for coming around to support the $40 million Nathan Benderson Park rowing center of which Dick Vitale is a huge advocate of.

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