Friday, January 01, 2016

Palestinian Gunman Kills 2 People Wounds 8 Others at Sidewalk Bar in Tel Aviv Could Next Stop Be Sarasota Main Street Sidewalk Bar Where Concealed Weapon Holders Are Barred From Carrying Guns?

UPDATE: The suspect has been identified as Nashat Milhem a 29-year-old Palestinian citizen of Israel from Arara, a mostly Muslim town in central Israel. Local Arabic-language media reports said that Milhem, who did a stint in Israeli prison in 2006, was identified when his father called and informed police after seeing him on television. Sami Melhem, a relative of the suspect and a lawyer, told Israeli Channel 2 that Nashat Melhem, whom he had represented previously in a case in which he was jailed for assaulting an Israeli soldier. Arabs, the majority of them Muslim, make up 20 percent of Israel's population of 8.4 million. In the photo above taken from murder scene at the sidewalk bar in Tel Aviv Israel, it’s a pub on Dizengoff Street, it looks like just any other sidewalk bar in Tampa or St Pete or even Sarasota Fl, could the next stop for Palestinian or ISIS terrorists be a Main Street sidewalk bar in South-West Fl? 

Florida citizens that have the right to carry a concealed firearm are prohibited from carrying their weapon in a open air sidewalk bar type atmosphere as seen above, and this is just the type of location that a Muslim terrorist would and will target. Hey let's get real here, the worst of the worst Muslim terrorists lived and trained in Sarasota County for at least 7 months prior to hijacking 4 airliners on 9/11/2001.

I have researched this issue of concealed weapons in Florida Bars including contacting the concealed weapons permit (CWP) division of the Florida Department of Agriculture and the general sense is that concealed weapons may be legally carried by a CWFL holder into a business that serves alcohol but not as a primary business such as a restaurant, however a concealed weapons carrier should stay out of portions of that business where the service of alcohol is the primary function, i.e., the bar area of a restaurant. I have a CWP and a Florida Statewide Firearms License, a "G' license, that allows me to carry up to 2 concealed weapons a .380 Ruger with laser sight and a Walther PPK/S .380 with laser sight, in almost any area or location in the State of Florida while I am on duty as a private investigator, and I am on duty 24/7.

A Palestinian gunman killed two people and wounded as many as seven others Friday at a bar along Tel Aviv’s most famous boulevard — with witnesses describing him as smiling calmly while spraying bullets at random. Nati Shakked, co-owner of the Simta bar on Dizengoff Street, said the assailant removed a machine gun from a bag and began “shooting in every direction,” Reuters reported. One of people killed was identified as Alon Bakal, a manager at the bar, where several of the casualties had been attending a birthday party, Haaretz newspaper reported. A massive manhunt was underway for the gunman, whose identity was known to security forces, the paper reported.

Defense analyst Alon Ben-David told the TV station that the gunman’s calm demeanor and tactics show he was well trained. He also said a Koran, the Muslim holy book, was later found in the attacker’s backpack. “It was a terrorist attack, without a doubt,” bar co-owner Shakked told Israel’s Channel 2. Images aired by Israeli media also show a discarded ammo magazine that appeared to be from a Spectre M4 machine gun– a weapon rarely seen in Israel and the Palestinian territories, Reuters reported. Simta co-owner Dudi Malka described the gunman as a “fairly short, light-skinned man holding an M-16 gun,” Haaretz daily reported.

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