Tuesday, January 05, 2016

OUTRAGEOUS: Sarasota Homeless Druggie Ashley Cosh Attacks and Beats Single Mother Getting Ready to Go to Work on Her Own Front Porch This Morn and Tries to Steal Her I-Phone.

                        'Stupid Is As Stupid Does'
OUTRAGEOUS: Sarasota Homeless Druggie Ashley Cosh, DOB 6/15/1984, attacks and beats single mother getting ready to go to work on her own front porch at 6:30 am this morn and tries to steal the victims I-Phone. This P.O.S. Ashley Cosh was "living" at the homeless squat at 507 Kumquat Court Sarasota Fl, the "Resurrection House" downtown Sarasota Fl. The female victim is a long time personal friend of mine who lives near the corner of Rte 41 and 17th Street Sarasota with her 12 year old daughter, yeah give these homeless creeps a motel or a hotel or anything you want Sarasota they will still try to rob and kill you. The Sarasota Police Department caught up with Ashley Cosh at the corner of 12th Street and Coconut Sarasota Fl and hauled her worthless butt to jail at 7:41 am, good job boys, No Bond for this dirtball. Stand your ground ladies buy a gun don’t be a victim. This was a felony robbery attempt with violence and multiple injuries to the victim on the victims private property, I would have shot Ashley Cosh in the head, no qualms about it. Ashley Cosh is a convicted felon with a long list of priors in Charlotte, Sarasota and Manatee County Fl, next stop Lowell Prison.

Booking Number Offense Description Arraign Date Bond Amount Bond Type Intake Date/Time
201600000148 BATTERY: CAUSE BODILY HARM 02/05/2016 $500
Jan 5 2016 07:41:35:000AM
Jan 5 2016 07:41:35:000AM
Jan 5 2016 07:41:35:000AM

VICTIM STATEMENT: At approximately 6;30 this morning, 1/05/2016, I was brutally attacked right on the front steps of my home IN FRONT OF MY DAUGHTER. The woman, (Ashley Cosh) has been arrested with 2 positive id's from my daughter and booked on trespassing, attempted burglary, attempted robbery, battery and possession. This is one of the same women that passes by here on 17th Street EVERY SINGLE DAY AND NIGHT running drugs and prostituting herself. I have a contusion, bruised ribs, a black eye and she has re injured my neck after major neck surgery. What else has to happen for something to be done in this area?!

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