Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Live Blogging From Donald Trump Rally in Pensacola Fl Over 20,000 Show Up 5,000 Had to be Turned Away it Was Huge

Live blogging from private investigator Kayla Sharrow and her band of 20 something millennial pals at the Trump rally in Pensacola Fl. Donald Trump says "We’re going to win with health care. We’re going to win with trade. We’re going to rebuild our military. It’s going to be bigger and better than ever before … "Kayla Sharrow I absolutely loved his rally"!!

20 somethings Christopher Fulford and Kayla Sharrow at the Donald Trump Rally in Pensacola Fl it was huge. Donald Trump says "We’re going to build up our wall and we’re going to let people come in, but they’re going to come in legally. We’re going to win so much, with all those things, health care, everything, in everything we do. And other countries are going to love us because we’re winners.”
We are going to make America so great again. The American dream is so dead, but we’re going to make it better than ever before.” Gun control: Trump vows that in his first hour in office, he would end gun-free military bases. “I will end that so quickly on military bases.” Immigration: “I love Mexico. I love Mexicans, they’re great people.”
Young Trump supporters, 20 something Kayla Sharrow and her posse. Donald Trump says, "Americans are losing jobs, however, because companies are moving overseas. “We lost millions of jobs on stupid transactions,” Trump said. Nabisco is leaving Chicago, they’re moving one of their biggest plants to Mexico. Ford plant is going to build a $2.5 billion plant in Mexico.

Trump on candidates: Predicts all the other GOP candidates will attack him tomorrow because he’s on top heading into the next debate. “Whatever. Whatever.” “They attack, but they don’t understand, I attack back.” Most of the biggest attackers have left the race. “They talk badly and they go down the tubes.”

Ted Cruz has been really nice except the last couple of days. "I’ve been waiting and now he’s being testy.” Trump said he won't get into Cruz’ citizenship. Lawyers say it’s not a settled matter. "What if he runs and has to concede election to “Hillary or Crazy Bernie.” As for Rubio, "he's a nice guy, but I'm beating him in Florida. "Trump is kicking ass in Florida, can you believe that?"

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