Saturday, January 30, 2016

Brave WWII 82nd Paratrooper Elmer Melchi Who Made Combat Jumps From D-Day Normandy to Market Garden Denied Bunking With his Wife in VA Hospital, Bastards!


WWII 82nd Airborne Paratroopers A/A All American. There was a bed waiting for World War II 82nd Airborne Paratrooper veteran Elmer Melchi at the University Park Care Center and it’s next to his wife June — if the old paratrooper can just get there, he did not make it he died, this man was special and the VA dropped the ball. “My dad’s been in pretty bad shape the last few days but the response of the public to his situation has been tremendous,” explained Garry Melchi, the son who brought his 92-year-old father’s plight to the readers of The Pueblo Chieftain. “University Park told me one man who wants to remain anonymous simply walked in and said he’ll pay for 10 days of care for my dad so he can be with my mom,” Melchi said. “And they’ve got a bed waiting for him. We just need him to get a little better so we can move him.” Last Saturday, Chieftain readers learned that Elmer Melchi, who jumped into Normandy with the 82nd Airborne on D-Day, is dying from widespread cancer. He’s been in hospice for some time but wants to spend his last days with his wife June who has been in the University Park center,sick.  
WWII 82nd Airborne Paratroopers A/A All American. Brave WWII 82nd Paratrooper Elmer Melchi Made the combat jumps from D-Day Normandy to Market Garden and was denied bunking with his wife in a VA Hospital, Bastards! I know all about what brave WWII 82nd paratrooper Elmer Melchi did because my father 82nd Paratrooper Robert Warner also made the combat jumps From D-Day Normandy to Market Garden where he was wounded in action, hell, they could have both been in the 507th, they could have known each other, they both could have been on the same planes, and the bull-crap VA treats a guy like Elmer Melchi like this, bastards! See D-Day 6/06/44 Normandy, Robert Warner, 3rd Battalion 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment Company G, 82nd Airborne Paratroopers.

Elmer Melchi survived parachuting into Normandy with the 82nd on D-Day and he survived jumping into Holland in Operation Market Garden — although a German soldier shot him when the young 82nd Airborne paratrooper tried to escape from a POW camp. But death finally caught up with the tough 92-year-old veteran Thursday afternoon January 28th, 2016, taking him in his sleep at the Sangre de Cristo Hospice here. It was expected. Melchi had cancer and knew he was dying. “My dad went for his last jump,” said a tearful Garry Melchi, one of three sons and an Army veteran himself. “He told me today, ‘I’m going.’ ” Melchi’s plight became news because his wife June — the pretty English girl he married in 1945 — is in the University Park Care Center with Alzheimer’s disease and they cold not spend their last days together!

WWII 82nd Airborne Paratroopers A/A All American. That care center doesn’t have a care contract with the Department of Veterans Affairs, so when Melchi’s family initially asked the VA for permission to send their father there for his final days, the first answer was a bureaucratic no. Instead, the care center staff brought June to the hospice for a tender reunion with her husband last Wednesday. She didn’t know his name anymore, but it made her happy to be with him. They sang together, he held her hands, they kissed and Melchi told his sons how beautiful their mother was. It was the last time they were together. By the time the VA had waived their rules for Melchi last Friday, he was too ill to be moved and died...Bastards!

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