Friday, December 18, 2015

Miami Party Girl Mila Dago Gets 4 years In Lowell Prison after Conviction of DUI Manslaughter.

Mila Dago of Miami, Florida has been charged and convicted of DUI manslaughter after she crashed her rented Smart Car into a truck shortly before 5am on August 14, 2013, killing her passenger, 22-year-old Irina Reinoso. Mila Dago, in the midst of a nasty break-up with her boyfriend, had texted him moments before; 'Driving drunk woo.' She then wrote; 'I'll be dead thanks to you. She was arrested in January 2014 and has been free on bail since then, having plead not guilty to DUI manslaughter, vehicular homicide and two counts of DUI with damage to a person.

The girls had spent the night at Miami clubs Blackbird Ordinary and Electric Pickle when Dago began texting her boyfriend, who has not been named, about an hour before the crash. Dago sent roughly 60 texts while her boyfriend responded only a few times, eventually writing to the woman; 'What are you talking about your [sic] psycho stop weirdo.'

Mila Dago, the young Miami woman who angrily texted her boyfriend “Driving drunk woo” minutes before the Smart Car wreck that killed her passenger, will spend four years in prison (Lowell most likely). Dago pleaded guilty Friday to DUI manslaughter, more than two years after the crash near Downtown Miami that killed her friend, Irina Reinoso, 22. “I wish I could turn back time,” Dago cried while facing the Reinoso family seated in the courtroom gallery.

In August 2013 Dago was driving a rented Car2Go Smart Car as the two visited several bars in Miami. Evidence in the case showed Dago was engaged in a bitter fight with her boyfriend, also texting him, “Ill be dead thanks to you …” and “Lata.” Just before 5 a.m., Dago blew through a red light at Northeast 15th Street, plowing into a Chevy pickup truck. The truck’s driver survived with bumps and bruises. Reinoso, a former high-school volleyball player and Miami Dade College student, died on the scene.

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