Monday, November 30, 2015

Sarasota Herald Tribune Media Bloggers Complain of Being Treated Like Cattle and Herded Into a Corral Made of Barricades at Overflow Donald Trump Rally, Priceless LOL.

Lyons: 'Trump! Trump! Trump!' said the admiring crowd. SARASOTA - Thousands of Donald Trump fans had a great time hearing and cheering his stand-up routine at Sarasota's Robarts Arena this past weekend. He is clearly basking in the adoration and the chants of “Trump! Trump! Trump!” No matter how much his mostly self-financed campaign is costing him, I'll bet it is worth it. The love was for everyone cheering, but not for everyone in the room. Trump pointed to the press a couple of times — event organizers had us herded into a corral made of barricades and told us to stay there during his speech (SEE PHOTO ABOVE) — and told his fans we were bad. In particular, Trump maintained that we would not report on the impressive size of the crowd. “The press will not report it!” Trump insisted, repeatedly. People turned to jeer and boo the press on cue, of course, (AND RIGHTLY SO).

I have never seen in my 20 years of living in Sarasota Fl such a huge turnout for any event like I saw Saturday 11/28 with Donald Trump at Robarts arena, so many people showed up that Mr. Trump held an inside venue and an outside venue, had to be at least 16,000 people, the huge parking lot was jammed, cars were parked blocks away in every conceivable location, up and down Fruitville Rd, Lockwood Ridge Rd and over on Tuttle Ave, goofball protesters were a joke 20 to 25 goons, Trump in 2016. see

What was most surprising to me and my pal Bobby at the Donald Trump HUGE rally today in Sarasota Fl was the varied cross section of participants, there were 12 and 15 year old kids, young family members, the 20 year old crowd, middle aged couples and veterans from all the service branches, in my group, in the pit, center floor front rows, were people from multi-million dollar homes on Longboat Key to horse owners out in Myakka City and they all loved the “Donald”.

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