Saturday, November 14, 2015

3 Sovereign Citizen Colorado Terrorists Arrested after Traffic Stop With Cops, Ronn Tice Put a Handgun on Dashboard, Cops Should Have Shot Him.

Paul Tice allegedly raised a knife toward the officers

NOVEMBER 5th, 2015, The “Tice Clan” Leviathan, Ronn, and grandpa Paul photos from their Grand Junction CO Klavern, all three men with ties to the anti government “sovereign citizen” movement. 3 Sovereign Citizen Colorado Terrorists Arrested after Traffic Stop With Cops, Ronn Tice Put a Handgun on Dashboard, Cops Should Have Shot Him.  
A family of three men with ties to the anti-government “sovereign citizen” movement are facing allegations that they were living in a home they had no legal right to, which prompted an explosive confrontation with Grand Junction police officers two weeks ago. Ronn Tice, 56, was ordered held in lieu of $10,000 cash bond after his arrest Wednesday night on suspicion of first-degree burglary, resisting arrest and obstructing a peace officer. “I waive all benefits and privileges, good afternoon to you, too,” Tice told County Court Judge Bruce Raaum during a bond hearing on Thursday.

Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein told the judge that Tice and his son, Leviathan Tice, 25, were arrested on warrants Wednesday night in a bizarre traffic stop: Ronn Tice continued driving for a considerable distance before yielding to a patrol vehicle with activated, overhead flashing lights. Ronn Tice placed a handgun on the dashboard in an act of intimidation aimed at the arresting officers, Rubinstein told the judge. “They continue to not recognize the authority of law enforcement and that’s a concern,” the district attorney said. Tice’s son, Leviathan, was released from jail Thursday on a personal-recognizance bond after his arrest on a warrant for suspicion of first-degree burglary, resisting arrest and obstructing a peace officer. His grandfather, Paul Orville Tice, 81, signed out of jail Wednesday on a warrant for suspicion of first-degree burglary, menacing, resisting arrest and obstructing a peace officer.
The trio face criminal allegations in connection with a home at 612 26½ Road, which was the subject of a trespass complaint to Grand Junction police on Oct. 22. A Realtor told officers the property had gone through foreclosure, but noticed on Oct. 10 that the locks had been changed. The home is currently owned by the lender, Fannie Mae. Ronn Tice had an arrest warrant for failure to appear on a traffic charge when he was contacted by two officers at the front door on Oct. 22, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

“The male (Ronn Tice) was visibly shaking during the encounter and would not answer simple questions, repeatedly claiming he did not want to enter into ‘verbal contracts’ or ‘verbal misunderstandings’ with the officers,” the affidavit said. Ronn Tice claimed he’d bought the house a week prior. He presented documents that appeared to officers to be “abnormal” and “not credible.” When one of the officers tried to handcuff Ronn Tice for the outstanding warrant, he allegedly started pulling away, pulling an officer back inside the residence, the affidavit said. The two officers tried handcuffing him as the scuffle moved inside the home. Another man, alleged to be Leviathan Tice, grabbed his father’s arm and tried pulling him away from the officers, the affidavit said. “Officer (Brett) Boyer pushed the younger male in the chest and yelled, ‘Get back,’ ” the affidavit said. Officer Scott Donaldson called on his radio for “code three” — an emergent response — backup from other officers.
  “A third male (later identified as Paul Tice) … appeared from within the house and approached the struggle with what both officers described as an ‘angry’ look on his face,” the affidavit said. “Officer Boyer noticed that this male was looking directly at him while holding a sharp, metallic object in his right hand. The male continued to approach officers in an aggressive manner and grabbed onto Ronn, pulling him away from officers.” Paul Tice allegedly raised a knife toward the officers, prompting them to pull guns and retreat outside (SHOOT FIRST ASK QUESTIONS LATER). Later that same day, Ronn Tice sent an email to Grand Junction officers replete with “sovereign citizen” rhetoric, including documents signed by Tice identifying himself as “a private man, a non-resident alien, an American National.” “I have been making diligent efforts to ascertain the nature and signing judge of the alleged warrant which your two Officers … indicated was outstanding against Ronn Tice or any derivative thereof, which was the stated cause of the two Officers’ trespass and attempted abduction of Ronn Tice from his domicile at 612 26½ Road,” Ronn Tice wrote in another email.

LUNATIC FRINGE: Sovereign Citizens Cop Killers Target Me With National Liberty Alliance Nut Job Propaganda From Their St Pete Fl Klavern. Received a fat, stuffed envelope the other day from the Sovereign Citizen St Pete Fl Klavern, the envelope was postmarked “Tampa FL 335 Saint Petersburg FL”. Mail from St. Petersburg is currently processed at the Postal Service’s Tampa Processing & Distribution Center (P&DC) is postmarked “Tampa FL 335 Saint Petersburg FL.” The envelope was filled with anti-government National Liberty Alliance nut job propaganda and some sort of veiled written threat. Florida is a Hotbed For Sovereign Citizen Movement’s Kangaroo Court Grand Jury and Targeting Cops for Execution.

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