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Sovereign Citizen Guru John Darash aka John Vidurek and National Lib­erty Alliance Sets Up Vigilante Peoples Grand Juries In USA With Assist From Posse Comitatus

The sovereign citizen movement arose from the ashes of the Posse Comitatus, a 1970s extremist racist group that believed the County (and the Sheriff) was the highest seat of government because all other levels of government had engaged in a conspiracy to destroy and override the Constitution. Sovereign citizens believe that the United States government is illegitimate and operating outside of its jurisdiction. According to sovereign citizen theory, the United States was once governed by “common law,” when everyone was a sovereign, not subject to any oppressive laws, taxes, or regulations, these are John Darash's National Lib­erty Alliance beliefs. At some point, the United States departed from the “common law” system, replacing it with admiralty law, which governs the sea and international commerce. Because of this, sovereign citizens do not recognize the United States or state law, believing that the change to admiralty law marked the transition of the United States from government to corporation.  

John Darash, aka John Vidurek, seen above at a Tea Party rally in 2011, told he's worried for his safety since being labeled a 'sovereign citizen guru' by the Anti-Defamation League.
John Darash aka John Vidurek.
Unified United States Common Law Grand Jury
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John Darash aka John Vidurek, 63, Hyde Park NY north of Poughkeepsie. John Darash created a buzz early on because he appeared to be someone with almost no axe to grind.  It turns out he is just like Bill Windsor and all his other sovereign citizen buddies (don't call us sovereign citizens we are citizens who are sovereign) in that he engages in his favorite from of anti-american terrorism:  paper terrorism. John Darash aka John Vidurek and his wife Kimberly, didn't pay their taxes and when the IRS tried to levy against them they sued the IRS and involved IRS agents as party of a conspiracy. You see, they don't have to pay taxes because the IRS isn't real. Me the People have declared that null and void. But what's really interesting here is he employs the Bill Windsor game of name it and claim it in the lawsuit regarding conspiracy and RICO: So not paying taxes didn't work out so well for Vidurek, so then it was on to running for political office. John Darash aka John Vidurek ran for Committeeman in his local jurisdiction in Hyde Park....and lost. For someone who constantly implores his followers to do the honorable thing, John Darash aka John Vidurek has been hiding his true identity for the purposes of deception.

According to the the Southern Poverty Law Center, In the 1980s and 1990s, the sovereign citizen movement formed numerous “common-law courts” around the country. By the end of the decade, at least 27 states had passed or were considering legislation to crack down on the phony courts. A retired carpenter from the Poughkeepsie, N.Y. area, by way of the Bronx, longs to be the Johnny Appleseed of the so-called “common-law grand juries” movement — a crusade by extreme-right “sovereign citizens” to create a judicial alternate universe. His name is John Darash and his not-so-sweet dream of anti-overnment grandeur is to plant common-law grand juries in all 3,141 counties in the United States. Darash claims that the bogus and powerless juries have the constitutional — and, of course, God-given — authority to conduct investigations, issue indictments and remove duly elected and appointed government officials from office. That would include pesky judges who insist that everyone must pay their taxes, obey traffic laws and respect property rights, three facts of American life that constantly get sovereign citizens in trouble with the law. The common-law grand juries are a scheme right out of the playbook of sovereign citizens (and Posse Comitatus), who believe that most federal laws don’t apply to them. Indeed, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) calls Darash a “sovereign citizen guru,” trying to establish “vigilante” grand juries. Darash, however, claims not to be a sovereign citizen, a term, he told the South Carolina newspaper, that “is alien to us.”

As of May 20th, 2015 the Sovereign Citizen: Unified United States Common Law Grand Jury: P. O. Box 59 Valhalla, New York supposedly mailed to all 94 USA Federal Courts a Judicial Action implementing their "Common Law Grand Jury. Just one of the gems in this manifesto is that the County Sheriff could arrest the Governor or a Judge without the permission of the District Attorney, if needed the County Sheriff could call the 'Posse Comitatus' to assist, what a load, this is nutjob stuff right out of the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises!
"The Sheriff being Chief Executive, Administrative, Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) and highest Peace Officer of the entire County in which he was elected has the absolute authority to arrest even the Governor or a Judge and then call the Grand Jury directly for an indictment; a Sheriff need not get permission from the district attorney. The Sheriff also has the authority and duty to secure liberty and the peace within his county and if necessary call the posse comitatus to assist. The challenge to the Sheriff today is from forces within our federal government that is unlawfully moving forward to martial law in order to disarm the American People; the only purpose for martial law is to control a captured population.
RE: John Darash's National Lib­erty Alliance to call in the posse comitatus to assist to assist the sheriff if necessary to arrest a Judge. VIDEO COMMON LAW Grand Jury - Rodger Dowdell Bradenton Fl- National Liberty Alliance - "Time To Take Back America". Posse Comitatus a US Domestic Terrorism Group-The "sovereign citizen" movement is a loosely organized collection of groups and individuals who have adopted a right-wing anarchist ideology originating in the theories of a group called the Posse Comitatus in the 1970s. Many Posse Comitatus members practice survivalism and played a role in the formation of the armed citizens' militias in the 1990s. The Posse Comitatus pioneered the use of false liens and other types of paper terrorism which today is used as a weapon by the "sovereign citizen" movement.

ADL, Feb 2014:  The National Lib­erty Alliance (NLA) is a rel­a­tively new sov­er­eign cit­i­zen group formed in 2011 as the New York Lib­erty Alliance by sov­er­eign cit­i­zen guru John Darash of Pough­keep­sie.  In April 2013, Darash changed the group’s name and began efforts to spread nation­wide, recruit­ing sov­er­eign cit­i­zens to its ban­ner. The sov­er­eign cit­i­zen move­ment is an extreme anti-government move­ment whose adher­ents believe that they can ignore vir­tu­ally all laws and reg­u­la­tions because the gov­ern­ment is the prod­uct of a malev­o­lent conspiracy.

Odessa Tea Party: ODESSA TEA: John Darash Speaks on Common Law Grand Juries Regular Odessa TEA Party Group Meeting John Darash will speak and TEACH about The Common Law Grand Jury. Please plan for a 2-hour meeting this time. This is important and it a legal way to take back our country. Tell your friends, invite other Tea Parties, Rand Paul people and our local Assemblymen. FOX News Politics, Feb 2010:  A New York Tea Party activist says he's being unfairly lumped in with cop killers and domestic terrorists just because he advocates admittedly radical reforms to the legal system. John Darash, a 61-year-old retired carpenter from Poughkeepsie, N.Y., said he was "shocked" to learn the Anti-Defamation League in a news release last week branded him a "guru" of the sovereign citizen movement, a loosely organized and ill-defined group that has been linked to police killings and extreme hate speech. Darash told he does not consider himself a sovereign citizen.

Sarasota County's Charter Review Board: Board member Steven Fields moved to create a special committee to study Roger Dowdell's proposed amendment
to include a people's common law grand jury. The board voted 4-4 on Field's motion, which failed because of the tie, what a bunch of fools. ‘People’s jury’ idea gains traction in Sarasota Fl, what the hell, giving cop killers power to indict judges and politicians in Sarasota Fl? At the May 13th, 2015 meeting of Sarasota County’s Charter Review Board, Rodger Dowdell, a Bradenton resident with ties to the national sovereign citizen movement, gave a lengthy presentation and proposed amending the county charter to include a people’s common law grand jury, ended up in 4 to 4 tie by Board members to proceed. TERRORISTS: SARASOTA, Anyone who thinks the Suncoast is immune to the actions of sovereign citizens is being naive says private eye Bill Warner.

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