Monday, October 19, 2015

Sarasota County's Charter Review Board Members Pat Wayman and Steven R. Fields are Pushing For the Sovereign Citizen Common law Grand Jury Concept WTH?

Back on September 30th, 2015 I was on ABC 7 Sarasota with Alan Cohn's News at 7:00 pm discussing, with Charter Review Board member Pat Wayman, the Sovereign Citizen groups attempt to infiltrate local politics with their bizarre 'Citizens Grand Jury'. Pat Wayman at the time claimed no knowledge of any link between the violent Sovereign Citizen Group and the Citizens Grand Jury, today, October 19th, it has been learned that she is now pushing the idea for the Citizens Grand Jury, Two members of Sarasota County's Charter Review Board Pat Wayman and Steven R. Fields have not given up on the so-called Sovereign Citizen “people's common law grand jury.” “The sovereign citizen group behind this attempt to form bogus grand juries is the National Liberty Alliance, formed in 2011 as the New York Liberty Alliance by sovereign citizen guru John Darash aka John Vidurek of Poughkeepsie, NY,” ADL says. “It recently launched a nationwide effort to recruit new members, and Darash and his followers have spent most of their time establishing ‘common law grand juries’ in counties across the country. The Liberty Alliance boasts of having 852 county organizers in 36 states and nearly 2,000 members from coast to coast.” 

At least three Sarasota County commissioners want to consider making the county's Charter Review Board an appointed rather than elected body after two episodes in which the board entertained putting a “people's common law grand jury” concept espoused by sovereign citizens — and conflicting with local, state and federal law — to a vote by the electorate. The Charter Review Board usually proposes minor changes to the county charter, such as eliminating contradictions and inconsistencies. On occasion issues can be more significant, such as qualifications for county administrators, disclosures for county-initiated rezonings and debt limitations. County Commissioner Christine Robinson said it is time to examine whether board members should be appointed rather than elected. “I believe it should be considered,” Robinson said. “We need to look at best practices. It's my understanding that we're the only county that elects them.” 

Two members of Sarasota County's Charter Review Board Pat Wayman and Steven R. Fields have not given up on the so-called Sovereign Citizen “people's common law grand jury.” As a result, the floodgates have opened. At the board's meeting Wednesday, most of the group's time was spent on the controversial issue. A group of speakers explained what it means — that everyday citizens could, on their own, indict government officials for corruption without any official assistance or oversight — even though the concept would violate state law. 

One man, Mike Bolam, ended his presentation to the board with a veiled threat: “Take a look at the French Revolution and what took place there.” While other jurisdictions have soundly rejected the common law grand jury concept, at their last meeting in May, the Charter Review Board voted 4-4 to form a special committee to study the proposal, a motion that failed because of the tie. The board's vote created consternation among county officials, who say it is evidence that the Charter Review Board is out of control and trying to usurp power from other elected bodies. The board voted again Wednesday night on whether to hear yet another presentation on the common law grand jury. This time, the motion failed 5-2. Chairwoman Donna Barcomb acknowledged that two board members, Pat Wayman and Steven R. Fields, are sympathetic to the common law grand jury concept and are pushing the idea.

Posted on September 7, 2015 | Sarasota Board Members Donna Barcomb, Bruce Dillon, Pat Wayman and Steven R. Fields need to resign they betrayed the public trust by green lighting Sovereign Citizen Cop Killers “People’s jury”. SARASOTA FL: ‘People’s jury’ idea gains traction in Sarasota Fl, what the hell, giving cop killers power to indict judges and politicians in Sarasota Fl? At the May 13th, 2015 meeting of Sarasota County’s Charter Review Board, Rodger Dowdell, a Bradenton resident with ties to the national sovereign citizen movement, gave a lengthy presentation and proposed amending the county charter to include a people’s common law grand jury. Sarasota County’s Charter Review Board — the only one in Florida whose members are elected rather than appointed — usually proposes minor changes to the county charter like eliminating contradictions and inconsistencies, though issues can be more significant, such as qualifications for county administrators, disclosures for county-initiated rezonings and debt limitations. Proposed changes must then be approved by a voter referendum. Board member Steven Fields moved to create a special committee to study Dowdell’s proposed amendment. The board voted 4-4 on Field’s motion, which failed because of the tie. One member was absent. Dowdell had brought around 50 vocal sovereign citizen supporters to the meeting — a fact not lost on the eight members of the Charter Review Board or its chairwoman Donna Barcomb.

Washington (CNN) They’re carrying out sporadic terror attacks on police, have threatened attacks on government buildings and reject government authority. A new intelligence assessment, circulated by the Department of Homeland Security in Feb 2015 and reviewed by CNN, focuses on the domestic terror threat from right-wing sovereign citizen extremists and comes as the Obama administration holds a White House conference to focus efforts to fight violent extremism. Some federal and local law enforcement groups view the domestic terror threat from sovereign citizen groups as equal to — and in some cases greater than — the threat from foreign Islamic terror groups, such as ISIS, that garner more public attention.​ The Homeland Security report, produced in coordination with the FBI, counts 24 violent sovereign citizen-related attacks across the U.S. since 2010. Among the findings from the Homeland Security intelligence assessment: “(Sovereign citizen) violence during 2015 will occur most frequently during routine law enforcement encounters at a suspect’s home, during enforcement stops and at government offices.” (like meetings of Sarasota County’s Charter Review Board).


ABC-7 SARASOTA FL: Sovereign Citizens number in the “hundreds” on the Suncoast. “Anyone who thinks the Suncoast is immune to the actions of sovereign citizens is being naive.”  Those are the words of Bill Warner, a Sarasota private detective whose been aware of the Sovereign Citizen movement for years. “It’s people with a mindset that the government is against its own citizens,” Bill Warner explained. Bill Warner is sad (mad) the movement has spilled over into violence twice in the past week, both with a courthouse incident last Friday in Atlanta where Dennis Marx shot a deputy before being shot and killed himself.  And then the Sunday shooting of two officers and a Walmart shopper in Las Vegas. He says make no mistake, this is domestic terrorism. “Absolutely, it’s organized through the internet, and Facebook, and that’s how they get bigger an bigger, Bill Warner said.
The Southern Poverty Law Center estimates the Sovereign Citizens movement is up to 300,000 people, and Bill Warner says that should break down to several hundred along the Suncoast. “I’m sure it grew even more so after the Sarasota Police Detective was fired,” he said. Bill Warner is referring to a former homicide detective Tom Laughlin who lost his job in 2010 after declaring himself a sovereign citizen. “I’m sure more people will use that as a reason to join this moment because he was fired because of his views of being a sovereign citizen, who that really stokes it up,” Bill Warner said.
February 2015 – Joseph Paffen allegedly opened fire on a vehicle with four deputies inside as they responded to a call for a domestic incident involving Paffen at a Publix grocery store in Orlando at 5:18 p.m. Sunday, and the officers returned fire, killing him, the sheriff’s office said. Deputies told NBC station WESH that Paffen identified as a “sovereign citizen.”
TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRAT November 22nd 2014 – Curtis Wade Holley, Tallahassee LCSO Deputies Smith and Colin Wulfekuhl arrived first at the scene of the fire (set by Holley) simultaneously in separate vehicles at 10:22 a.m. Leon County Deputy Christopher L. Smith, a 47-year-old married father of two, was shot and killed immediately by Curtis Wade Holley, who was armed with a .40 caliber handgun. Bill Warner, a private investigator based in Sarasota, said Holley may have shared the same beliefs as sovereign citizens. Bill Warner said Holley may have drawn inspiration from others with anti-government views, including so-called “doomsday prepper” Martin Winters, recently sentenced to federal prison for stockpiling explosives at his Tampa-area home for use in the apocalypse. “A lot of these guys don’t go out and get very vocal,” Bill Warner said. “They keep it quiet.” Sovereign Citizen.

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