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Lockheed Martin, Loral Corp and American Beryllium Plants In Sarasota Fl Leave Toxic Beryllium in Soil and Water Poisoning Neighbors Nearby as Lawsuits Pile Up.

In a classic game of corporate 'three-card monte' Loral Corporation owned the American Beryllium Co. Inc. of Sarasota Florida at 1600 Tallevast Rd Sarasota Fl, Loral Corporation also owned the property at 100 Cattlemen Rd aka 6000 Fruitville Rd Sarasota Fl for a time, L-3 Communications is now located there. Loral Corporation, American Beryllium Co. Inc, and L-3 Communications are all directly linked to Lockheed Martin Corporation in one way or another in Sarasota Fl. When the mark, Sarasota County, arrived at the corporate Three-card Monte game, it is likely that a number of other players had been seen winning and losing money at the game. The people engaged in playing the game are often shills (Loral Corporation, American Beryllium Co. Inc, and L-3 Communications), confederates of the dealer (Lockheed Martin Corporation) who pretend to play so as to give the illusion of a straight gambling game, suckers. Where's Erin Brockovich when you need her?

Tallevast Beryllium cleanup may take 50 years, Lockheed Martin says most contaminants will be gone in 5 years, no problem. Residents in Tallevast will have to live with contaminated ground water for almost 50 years, according to a revised cleanup plan submitted to the state by Lockheed Martin. But the aerospace giant, which is responsible for cleaning up the pollution in this small County community that borders Sarasota and Manatee county Fl, hopes that the majority of the contaminants will be cleaned up in five years. A previous plan estimated the cleanup could take 100 years. Residents of about 100 homes in the mostly black community, many of whom relied on well water, were not told of the problem until nearly four years later.

Sept. 6, 2005--Nationally known plaintiff's law firm, Motley Rice LLC along with law firms Robert Walker & Associates of Richmond, Va.; and Whittemore Denson Law Firm of St. Petersburg, Fla., announced the recent filing of a property damage and emotional distress action against Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE: LMT), Loral Corporation, Wire Pro Inc., WPI Sarasota Division Inc. and BECSD LLC, on behalf of property owners and residents in Manatee County, Florida whose property was contaminated by hazardous chemicals and substances including beryllium dust, trichloroethylene, 1, 4 dioxin (TCE) and perchlorethylene (PCE), that allegedly emanated from a manufacturing plant at 1600 Tallevast Road in Sarasota, Florida, owned and/or operated by the above-mentioned defendants. From 1961 through 1996, Loral Corporation, owned and operated a precision machine/metal working plant on the property. The property was subsequently acquired by Lockheed Martin(Loral and Lockheed Martin are one in the same). The claim alleges that Lockheed Martin became aware of the hazardous chemicals and substances being released by that plant into the soil and groundwater. The company subsequently sold the property to defendant WPI, Inc. Testing in 2003 showed the contamination was rapidly growing and had migrated into residential areas. It was not until 2004, however, that local residents were made aware of the contamination and the danger it presented them. "These residents are frightened. They woke up one day and found out that they are living in a toxic waste dump.

One of the listed defendants in the Tallevast Lawsuit above is Loral Corporation, directly linked to Lockheed Martin and L3 Communications in Sarasota Fl. In 1959 Loral began to diversify, buying several smaller companies, through which it won more military contracts. Some purchased companies included Willor Manufacturing Corp., American Beryllium Co., Inc., of Sarasota, Florida, Arco Electronics, and several plastics companies. Loral was on the verge of bankruptcy in 1972 before it was acquired by Bernard L. Schwartz, who over the course of the next two decades built it into a major player in the global aerospace and defense industry, acquiring 16 other defense and aerospace companies. In 1995, Loral had $5.5 billion in revenue. 

In 1996 Loral sold its defense electronics and system integration businesses to Lockheed Martin; its remaining units became Loral Space & Communications. The following year, several of those former Loral units were spun off by Lockheed Martin to become the core of L-3 Communications who has a plant at 100 Cattlemen Rd Sarasota Fl. Lockheed Martin maintains an office at 100 Arthur Andersen Pkwy Sarasota FL right around the corner from L-3 Communications, see map above.

LORAL FAIRCHILD CORP purchased the property at 100 Cattlemen Rd Sarasota Fl on 5/16/1997 for $7,300,000 they quickly flipped the toxic soiled land, on paper, to L-3 Communications Corp on 10/15/1997 for $10,100,000. Loral Fairchild Corp was a Florida corporation, it's directors were BERNARD L. SCHWARTZ, MICHAEL B. TARGOFF, MICHAEL P. DEBLASIO and LISA STEIN MCMEEKIN all of 600 Third Ave New York City NY. The mailing address for the Florida Corporation L-3 Communications which was set up in 1998, is 600 third Ave New York City NY LOCKHEED MARTIN ELECTRO-OPTICAL SYSTEMS, INC. a Florida Corporation that ceased activity in 1997, had taken over Loral Electro-Optical Systems Inc in 1995, the directors were BERNARD L. SCHWARTZ, MICHAEL B. TARGOFF, MICHAEL P. DEBLASIO and LISA STEIN MCMEEKIN all of 600 Third Ave New York City NY the same as Loral Fairchild Corp. Lockheed Martin Corporation is also directly linked to the toxic soil at 100 Cattlemen Rd Sarasota Fl. 
In April 1996, the Lockheed Martin Corporation purchased all of the issued and outstandingshares of common stock of Loral Corporation (Loral) for an aggregate consideration of $38 per share in cash, the total purchase price paid for Loral, including acquisition costs, was approximately $7.6 billion. In March 1997, the Lockheed Martin Corporation executed a definitive agreement valued at approximately $525 million to reposition 10 non-core business units as a new independent company, L-3 Communications Corporation, in which the Lockheed Martin Corporation retained a 34.9% ownership interest at closing. These business units, primarily composed of high-technology, product-oriented companies, contributed approximately two percent of the Corporation's net sales during the three month period ended March 31, 1997. The Lockheed Martin Corporation or its subsidiaries are parties to or have property subject to litigation and other proceedings, including matters arising under provisions relating to the protection of the environment, to design and construct facilities to monitor, extract, and treat groundwater. Lockheed Martin Corporation, L-3 Communications Corp and Loral Fairchild Corp are all in reality, one and the same.

LOCKHEED MARTIN BERYLLIUM CORPORATION owned the toxic plant at 1600 Tallevast Rd Sarasota Fl. In 1962, American Beryllium relocated from a nearby building to a new five building facility at 1600 Tallevast Road, Sarasota Fl just east of its original location in the former Spindrift facility. From 1962 until 1996, the Loral Corporation, the parent company of American Beryllium, owned the property. Lockheed Martin acquired American Beryllium in 1996 and ceased operations. L-3 Communications Corp CEO is Michael T. Strianese, L-3 was formed in 1997 to acquire certain business units from Lockheed Martin, they purchased 100 Cattlemen Rd Sarasota Fl in 1997. These units had belonged to Lockheed Corporation and Martin Marietta, which had merged three years before in 1993.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015 Human Skull and Remains Found Behind 100 Cattlemen Road in The Marsh Just Off of The I-75 Interstate in Sarasota Fl Could Belong to A Motorcycle Rider.  “When I tell you to dump a body in the marsh, you dump him in the marsh”, quote from the movie ‘Departed’, well in real life we have a body dumped in the marsh behind 100 Cattlemen Rd Sarasota Fl that has yet to be identified. I will be on ABC 7 Sarasota tonight, Friday October 9th, 2015, News at 7:00 pm, discussing the human skull and remains of “John Doe” found in the toxic wastewater marsh behind 100 Cattlemen Rd Sarasota FL see

This marsh is full of snakes, rats, fire ants and every conceivably rodent and insect, on top of that, the water in the area is contaminated and fenced off on all sides except behind 100 Cattlemen Rd, a good place to dump a body, with the heat and decomposition and the elements, you have bleached bones in no time at all. There are no homeless camps in this area. 

Will the Sarasota Sheriff Department release the results of the medical examiners report as to what toxins were discovered in the skull and bones of the dead guy found in the toxic marsh behind 100 Cattlemen Rd who had been in there for at least 2 years or more?

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