Sunday, September 06, 2015

Sarasota County's Charter Review Board Votes 4 to 4 on Approving 'Sovereign Citizen People's Common Law Grand Jury', Sovereign Citizen's Have Murdered Cops Nationwide.

‘Sovereign Citizen’ Arvin Kangas told two Alaska State Troopers they had no jurisdiction over him. Then his teenage son shot them dead with a shotgun. The state troopers went to arrest him on misdemeanor charges. When they went to take Kangas into custody, his son, Nathanial, took the shotgun and shot the officers in their backs at close range.

'People's jury' idea gains traction in Sarasota Fl, what the hell, giving cop killers power to indict judges and politicians in Sarasota Fl? At the May 13th, 2015 meeting of Sarasota County's Charter Review Board, Rodger Dowdell, a Bradenton resident with ties to the national sovereign citizen movement, gave a lengthy presentation and proposed amending the county charter to include a people's common law grand jury. Sarasota County's Charter Review Board — the only one in Florida whose members are elected rather than appointed — usually proposes minor changes to the county charter like eliminating contradictions and inconsistencies, though issues can be more significant, such as qualifications for county administrators, disclosures for county-initiated rezonings and debt limitations. Proposed changes must then be approved by a voter referendum. Board member Steven Fields moved to create a special committee to study Dowdell's proposed amendment. The board voted 4-4 on Field's motion, which failed because of the tie. One member was absent. Dowdell had brought around 50 vocal sovereign citizen supporters to the meeting — a fact not lost on the eight members of the Charter Review Board or its chairwoman Donna Barcomb

Two police officers in West Memphis Arkansas, police officer Bill Evans and Sergeant Brandon Paudert were shot and killed during a traffic stop on May 20, 2010. Police identified and killed two suspects, identified as Jerry Kane, Jr., and his son, Joseph Kane. The two were later identified as members of the sovereign citizen movement.

"Strange things are always happening in local Sarasota Fl government. A fellow from Bradenton assembles a group like-minded libertarian Tea Party friends to go to a Sarasota Charter Review Board meeting, and he asks the board to consider establishing a vigilante "court" that has ties to terrorist activities, and half the board listens to this and agrees to do it. Thanks, Lee Williams and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune for letting us know about this, comment in Herald Tribune from William Bill Anderson"  

SARASOTA LUNATIC FRINGE: Charter Review Board members who voted for the motion to create a special committee to study the people's common law grand jury (Sovereign Citizen Cop Killers):

 District 1: Steven R. Fields, (R), 2018, Airborne Infantryman, U.S. Army, describes himself as a “politician” on Facebook, re-elected in 2014.
District 2: Donna Barcomb, (R), 2016, chairwoman, physical therapist, served on the Sarasota County Public Hospital Board from 1996 to 2008, elected in 2012.
District 3: Pat Wayman, (R), 2016, a computer project coordinator, campaigned that the Charter Review Board should provide another level of local government, a “check” on other county offices and officials, elected in 2012.
District 5: Bruce Dillon, (R) 2018, retired telecommunications operations manager, elected in 2014.  What the hell is wrong with this gaggle of goons? Sarasota Board Members Donna Barcomb, Bruce Dillon, Pat Wayman and Steven R. Fields need to resign immediately as they have betrayed the public trust by green lighting the Sovereign Citizen Cop Killers "People's jury".

The house at 3722 Caracus Court Tallahassee Fl is on fire. A blue-highlighted warning pops up on emergency-dispatch computer screens — officer safety hazard. “Sovereign Citizen Curtis Holley has threatened to shoot any law enforcement that comes to his residence.”  Deputies Chris Smith and Colin Wulfekuhl arrive first on the scene at 10:21 a.m. They have no idea the fire was set to draw them in. The ambush is sure and swift. Four people call 911 in rapid succession, reporting gunfire. They watch the blue bathrobe-clad shooter from behind their front windows. One sees Sovereign Citizen Curtis Holley shoot Smith twice and take the deputy’s sidearm from its holster.

AP Sovereign Citizens Police Plot_001
August 13th, 2013.. Las Vegas, Police: Terrorist plot to kidnap, kill cops stopped. LAS VEGAS (AP) — A sting operation stopped a plot to abduct, torture and kill police officers to bring attention to the antiauthority sovereign citizen movement, Las Vegas police said Thursday. Sovereign Citizens David Allen Brutsche and Devon Campbell Newman were arrested at an apartment a few miles off the Vegas Strip before they could carry out a plan to snatch officers, “put them on trial” and execute them in a vacant house, Las Vegas police Lt. James Seebock said. Police identified Brutsche as a six-time convicted felon and child sex offender from California. Authorities did not detail a further criminal background for Newman. Federal authorities regard sovereign citizen extremists as domestic terrorists.  

There have been many reports of violence and extremely menacing behavior involving “sovereign citizens” in Florida. In March 2013, purported “sovereign” Jeffrey Allen Wright was shot to death after pointing a pistol at a sheriff’s SWAT team in Navarre, situated in the Florida panhandle. Wright was wanted on a warrant for counterfeiting. In November 2013, Tampa-region “sovereign citizen” Eric Holtgard was arrested twice in less than 24 hours, amid allegations he was menacing people with guns. In May 2013, purported “sovereign citizen” Bruce Chalmers Hicks of the Tampa region was arrested on charges that he was carrying a sidearm on the property of Turkey Creek Middle School in Plant City. Larry M. Myers, a “sovereign citizen” leader and fugitive, was sentenced in 2012 to 78 months in federal prison. According to evidence introduced at trial, Myers was the president of an organization known as the Pinellas Patriots Florida. He claimed that he was not a citizen of the United States but a so-called sovereign citizen who was not subject to U.S. statutory laws. Myers participated in a sham “Common Law Court” in a number of capacities, including as a “judge” and a “militia enforcement officer.”  

“Sovereign citizens” have been claiming judicial and jury authority for years. ADL suggests these elements of the purported “movement” might be gaining steam. “Adherents of the sovereign citizen movement are forming their own vigilante “grand juries” in counties across the United States in an attempt to exact pressure on local government officials to accede to their anti-government demands and whims,” ADL said. “The sovereign citizen group behind this attempt to form bogus grand juries is the National Liberty Alliance, formed in 2011 as the New York Liberty Alliance by sovereign citizen guru John Darash of Poughkeepsie, NY,” ADL says. “It recently launched a nationwide effort to recruit new members, and Darash and his followers have spent most of their time establishing ‘common law grand juries’ in counties across the country. The Liberty Alliance boasts of having 852 county organizers in 36 states and nearly 2,000 members from coast to coast.”

"The Sovereign Citizen playbook" as used most recently by Curtis Holley in Tallahassee, lure first responders (cops) to a location and then shot from cover or ambush. The FBI has classified “sovereign citizens” as people who believe they are free from all duties of a U.S. citizen, like paying taxes. The FBI considers the group’s members a danger for making threats to judges and law enforcement, using fake currency and impersonating police officers.

The ever growing list of Anti-Government Sovereign Citizens who have used such tactics include Curtis Holley in Tallahasse Fl and Brent Cole in Nevada City, Calif and Jeffrey Allen Wright in Navarre Fl to name a few. Deputy Killer Curtis Holley Remains an Enigma, PI Bill Warner Claims Holley Was a Sovereign Citizen in Tallahassee Democrat Newspaper. The first 911 call comes in at 10:10 a.m. The house at 3722 Caracus Court is on fire. A blue-highlighted warning pops up on emergency-dispatch computer screens — officer safety hazard. "Curtis Holley has threatened to shoot any law enforcement that comes to his residence." A call taker and two dispatchers fail to check it. Deputies Chris Smith and Colin Wulfekuhl arrive first on the scene at 10:21 a.m. Smith reports smoke and flames. They have no idea the fire was set to draw them in. The ambush is sure and swift, SEE reporters Jennifer Portman and Jeff Burlew, Tallahassee Democrat story at

ABC 7 News Sarasota Fl, Sovereign Citizens number in the “hundreds” on the Suncoast. Anyone who thinks the Suncoast is immune to the actions of sovereign citizens is being naive. Those are the words of Bill Warner, a Sarasota private detective whose been aware of the Sovereign Citizen movement for years. “It’s people with a mindset that the government is against its own citizens,” Bill Warner explained.

Bill Warner is sad the movement has spilled over into violence twice in the past week, both with a courthouse incident last Friday in Atlanta where Dennis Marx shot a deputy before being shot and killed himself. And then the shooting of two officers and a Walmart shopper in Las Vegas. He says make no mistake, this is domestic terrorism. “Absolutely, it’s organized through the internet, and Facebook, and that’s how they get bigger an bigger, Bill Warner said.

Gadsden flag symbol of Sovereign Citizen movement, see declassified Law Enforcement report CLICK HERE. Federal authorities regard sovereign citizen extremists as domestic terrorists. Authorities have linked sovereign citizens groups with violent confrontations in recent years, including deadly shootings in Nevada, Louisiana, California, Florida and Arkansas.

Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota SEX, CRIME CHEATERS & TERRORISM at