Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Joel Dixon Smith Shoots and Kills Sheriff Deputy Bill Myers Serving a Domestic Violence Injunction on Him Outside Lawyers Office in Shalimar Fl near Eglin AFB

SHALIMAR-- UPDATE: 3pm September 22nd 2015. Okaloosa County Sheriff Larry Ashley has confirmed that Deputy Bill Myers has died from injuries in a morning shooting. The suspect, Joel Dixon Smith is also dead. Joel Dixon Smith DOB 5/18/1982, age 33, has prior arrest for Battery in Santa Rosa Beach in 2008, booking date 4/09/2008. Smith had been arrested for domestic battery in 2008, Sheriff Larry Ashley said, without providing further details. Joel Dixon Smith of 9807 Navarre Parkway in Santa Rosa County, Fl. The shooting took place outside a law office in Shalimar, Fla near Eglin AFB. Myers had met Smith at a Shalimar law office earlier in the day. Officials say Smith was supposed to surrender his firearms following a domestic violence injunction, but Smith instead shot Myers and fled to a hotel where he had been staying, the Comfort Inn and Suites in Niceville Fl where he ended up shooting it out with the SWAT team, he lost.

Investigators say Myers had just finished serving a domestic violence injunction to 33- year old Joel Dixon Smith of Navarre at Cotton and Gates Law Firm on Plew Avenue around 8:20 a.m. Deputy Myers was walking outside when he was shot multiple times in the back, including a gunshot wound to the rear of his head. The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Deputy and the suspect who shot him on Tuesday morning both have succumbed to their injuries at the hospital. Deputy Bill Myers, 64, had previously retired from law enforcement, but returned to work part-time so he could take his granddaughter to Disney World, said Sheriff Larry Ashley. 

Myers was serving a domestic violence injunction to the suspect, 33-year-old Joel Dixon Smith, who responded by shooting Myers in the back multiple times. Myers was transferred to Fort Walton Beach Medical Center and urgently was rushed into surgery, but later died. Smith drove to the Comfort Inn and Suites in Niceville where he barricaded himself inside a hotel room. A SWAT team engaged Dixon, who was later killed in a shootout with authorities. "This sure sounds and looks like a violent Sovereign Citizen reaction to Law Enforcement."
Joel Dixon Smith of Navarre Fl had multiple run-ins with law enforcement in Bay County, Escambia County, Santa Rosa County (Battery Charge) and Okaloosa County Fl, mostly for not carrying drivers license, no registration and speeding violations. Joel Dixon Smith, 9807 Navarre Parkway, Navarre, Santa Rosa County Fl, planned an ambush to shoot Sheriff Deputy Bill Myers in the back as he went to Smith's vehicle to retrieve Smith's firearms due to an Order of Protection, Sovereign Citizen tactics. The Sovereign Citizens mantra is to "Kill the Messenger" or the person (cops) who enforce laws or a Judge's Order.

March 14th, 2013...The Panhandle of Florida is a hot bed of activity for Sovereign Citizens. In Navarre Fl two years ago an armed “sovereign citizen,” accused of printing his own currency and defying government authority, was shot and killed after a four-hour standoff with a police SWAT team. Like so many law enforcement encounters with sovereign citizens, the case involving Jeffrey Allen Wright, 6595 Avenida De Galvez Navarre, Santa Rosa County Fl,  began with a routine traffic stop before quickly escalating. Wright attempted to pay his traffic fine with counterfeit money, then refused to acknowledge courts had jurisdiction over him when additional charges were filed against him. When Santa Rosa County sheriff’s deputies and other officers went to Wright’s home in Navarre, Fla to arrest him on counterfeiting charges, the 55-year-old man barricaded himself in the residence and fired a shot, apparently from an automatic firearm, officials said. Ordered by deputies to come out unarmed, Wright responded, “Come and get me,” according to a press release from the Santa Rose County Sheriff’s Office. When SWAT team members fired tear gas into the second story of the home’s attached garage, Wright began breaking out windows with a handgun, the release said. Moments later, when SWAT officers entered the home, they found Wright sitting at the top of a stairwell. The department’s press release said that Wright raised his pistol and pointed it directly at the SWAT members. Three officers simultaneously shot Wright, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

 Deputy Bill Myers has been a treasured part of this agency’s family since 1989,” said Sheriff Larry Ashley. “He served this community with distinction for decades. He was loved, admired, and respected for his dedication to the law enforcement profession. He loved photography and he had an ability to make those around him smile, especially his young granddaughter who he adored and took to Disney World as often as he could.
Some P.O.S. calling herself , (Amanda Hebden is @MandaGator), mocks the ambush murder of Sheriff Deputy Bill Myers in Shalimar Fl today calling it "Cops killing each other" in a Tweet she sent directly to me, she appears to be a Tampa Bay Rays baseball fan. Amanda Hebden @MandaGator also appears to be a "Black Lives Matter" supporter, see below:


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