Saturday, August 22, 2015

Terror Boss 'Dawood Ibrahim' Caught on CIA Wire Tap Talking to Associate Running His Dubai Real Estate Empire The Call Traced to Clinton Suburb of Karachi PK

Listed as an international terrorist and India's 'most wanted', Dawood Ibrahim, now in his 60s, is in no mood to lie low. For the first time in two decades, he has been caught on tape. Video: Revealed: Dawood Ibrahim's voice talking to his associates. Dawood Ibrahim is an Indian-born crime boss who has been declared by the U.S. Department of the Treasury as a supporter of terrorism. Ibrahim is believed to live in Karachi, Pakistan, and is suspected by Indian authorities as having a major role in the Mumbai terrorist attacks in 1993 and in 2008. Dawood Ibrahim (born Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar) is the leader of Indian organized crime syndicate D-Company in Mumbai. He is currently on the wanted list of Interpol for organised crime and counterfeiting. He was No. 3 on the Forbes’ World’s Top 10 most dreaded criminals list of 2011, rising from the 4th position in 2008.

The most wanted underworld don Dawood Ibrahim has been caught on the tape. Dawood Ibrahim’s phone was tapped by a western intelligence agency (CIA). The agency has come forward with Dawood Ibrahim’s telephonic conversation with his business associate in Dubai. Dawood is conducting business and is dealing with multi-billion deals from Karachi. The location of Dawood Ibrahim has been traced to the posh Clifton suburb in Pakistan’s Karachi by the satellite surveillance of the agency. Dawood is engaging in a conversation with his business associate named Javed in Dubai regarding a property deal. He is heard boasting about owning a property in Dubai also several other properties in Karachi on the phone tap.
Till now the Indian intelligence agency has been trying to trace and nab Dawood, ever since he fled to Pakistan two decades back. The Indian external intelligence agency Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) has sought the phone recording. India’s most wanted terrorist, Dawood, is the mastermind of the 1993 serial blasts in Mumbai that claimed around 300 lives. India believes Dawood is living in Pakistan with the active support of that country’s intelligence agency, ISI, and continues to be involved in anti-India activities.
New York Times WASHINGTON; Lashkar-e-Taiba, the Pakistan-based militant group suspected of conducting the 2008 Mumbai attacks, has gained strength in recent years with the help of Pakistan’s main spy service, which has allowed the group to train and raise money while other militants have been under siege. The ISI has shared intelligence with Lashkar and provided protection for it, officials said, and investigators are focusing on one Lashkar leader they believe is a main liaison with the spy service and a mastermind of the attacks, Zarrar Shah, who links directly to Muslim Mafia “Don” Dawood Ibrahim.
INDIAN MUSLIM MAFIA DON, Dawood Ibrahim DOB 12/31/1955 also known as Dawood Ebrahim, and Sheikh Dawood Hassan, birth name Sheikh Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, is the head of the organized crime syndicate D-Company in Mumbai, hiding out in Karachi PK and still running Ballywood, heroin trade and the stolen car racket in Dubai UAE, he links to the Albanian Muslim Mafia drug and car racket. Dawood Ibrahim and his D' Company are the source of most of the world's heroin. The United States has asked Pakistan to hand over India's 'most wanted' fugitive and international terrorist Dawood Ibrahim for his alleged links to al-Qaeda-related terrorists groups and involvement in the global heroin trade.
MUMBAI: November 26th 2008 attack by suspected Pakistanis on the city was enabled by the Dawood Ibrahim gang, police sources said. It would not have been possible to carry out a terror operation on this scale without a collaborative local network and this was provided by “Muslim Mafia Don” Dawood Ibrahim and his D Gang which k link directly to Al-Qaeda. As the terrorists had entered via the sea, the needle of suspicion is clearly pointing at Mohammed Ali, the new pointsman of Dawood.

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