Wednesday, July 15, 2015

VIDEO: Tampa IRS Thief Osama Sam Mustafa Continues to Elude US Marshals Service He got 20 Years and Fled 'Run Sammy Run'

In May of 2012 a FBI raid at a pricy home in Riverview was tied to a multi-million dollar tax scheme.  Dozens of FBI agents, along with the U.S. Marshals, raided the home on Saint Filagree Drive. By the time the feds combed through the house and seized the property, a grand jury already handed down the charges: federal-grade conspiracy and fraud. It's all part of an alleged scheme to profit from the U.S. Treasury, and it's all tied to Tampa Bay.The man who owns the home is Osama Mahmud Mustafa, also known as "Sam Mustafa."  He has also owned dozens of businesses in Tampa and San Diego (linked to 9/11 hijacker Nawaf al-Hazmi) over the years. Khaldoun Khalil Khawaja, also known as "Tony Khawaja," of Tampa, is also charged.They're accused (and convicted) of purchasing fraudulent income tax return checks and checks issued for refund anticipation loans. Then they allegedly presented those fraudulent checks at banks in Virginia, Florida and beyond. These men, along with a third from Virginia, deposited more than $17.8 million as a result of the scheme, according to court papers.

Tampa’s Osama Sam Mustafa stole $17.8 Million form the IRS with his bogus refund check scam, he got a 20 year Federal prison sentence but cut off his ankle monitor and fled in 2013 before surrendering, he most likely is now in Gaza living it up like a king with his ‘guys’ and pumping millions into the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine a terrorist organization. Tampa’s Osama Sam Mustafa is a Member of Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine a terrorist organization, he has been getting away with it since 1991 after he told a police officer that the US needed another Pan AM 103 bombing attack December 21st 1988 and that he could be the one to carry out the attack. Thirty-five of the passengers were students from Syracuse University returning home for Christmas following a semester studying in London at Syracuse’s London campus. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) has a long history of hijacking passenger aircraft. The PFLP gained notoriety for a series of armed attacks and aircraft hijackings, including on non-Israeli targets. PFLP is described as a terrorist organization by the United States, Canada, Israel and the European Union.

It appears from a Bail Forfeiture hearing that Osama Sam Mustafa’s GPS tracking device had been tampered with on or about August 28, 2013 and appeared idle in a wooded area off of Interstate 10 in North West Florida. Osama ‘Sam’ Mustafa fled from his 20 year federal prison sentence in a car or truck loaned to him by ‘associates’, the Federal government has been unable to find any of the $17.8 Million Mustafa stole from the IRS, did this cash go to the terrorist organization Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) located in Gaza/West Bank that Osama Sam Mustafa is a member of, hell yeah!

Osama “Sam” Mustafa was the only person to employ any of the 9/11 Hijackers in the USA, he hired 9/11 hijacker Nawaf al-Hazmi in San Diego (La Mesa):The FBI’s “best source” in San Diego says that al-Bayoumi “must be an intelligence officer for Saudi Arabia or another foreign power.” A former top FBI official working on the al-Bayoumi investigation claims: “We firmly believed that he had knowledge [of the 9/11 plot], and that his meeting with the 9/11 hijackers was more than coincidence.” [Newsweek, 7/28/2003] Al-Bayoumi helps Alhazmi and Almihdhar settle in the US. 

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Osama “Sam” Mustafa must be one of the stupidest persons in the USA, I told him back in July 2012 that I had gone to the FBI in Tampa to file a complaint over the threatening text messages he had sent me. Osama “Sam” Mustafa was indicted in an ongoing multi-million dollar investigation to defraud the IRS at the time, didn’t Osama “Sam” Mustafa think that just maybe the FBI has electronic surveillance on him covering his cell phones, land lines, email, etc, etc, what a dope “Sam” is, they heard you “Sam”. See Sarasota County Sheriff Department Complaint above on November 24th 2012 that I filed on Osama Sam Mustafa after he threatened to kill me with a shotgun.

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