Friday, July 17, 2015

Palestinian Terrorist Muhammad Abdulazeez Who Murdered 4 Marines in Chattanooga Joins A Long Line of Palestinian Terrorists From Munich to Tampa

ISIS inspired 'Mook' Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, 24, was born in Kuwait but grew up in Jordan which means he is a Palestinian, Abdulazeez had two long guns and one handgun used in the Chattanooga terror attack killing 4 unarmed Marines. In 1991 after the first Gulf War, when Iraq invaded Kuwait, Kuwait expelled all 400,000 Palestinians from Kuwait to Jordan due to Palestinian Yasser Arafat and his PLO support of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. The Kuwaitis had financed a massive media campaign which called Arafat a traitor for supporting Saddam. MUHAMMAD Abdulazeez was born in Kuwait in September 1990, during the Iraqi invasion of that country, Kuwait's Interior Ministry said. The ministry didn't explain how MUHAMMAD Abdulazeez came to be born there but said he holds Jordanian citizenship. Jordanian sources, however, denied that he was a Jordanian citizen, but rather a Palestinian who carried a Jordanian travel document. The sources said he was born Mohammad Youssuf Saeed Hajj Ali on September 5, 1990, but that his Palestinian father changed his name that year to Abdulazeez.

Palestinians Have Always Been the Terrorists: The modern age of terrorism was ushered in by the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Germany. At approximately 4:00 AM on September 5, 1972, Palestinian gunmen entered the complex containing the Olympic Village apartments. The gunmen made their way to apartment one and inserted a passkey. After successfully entering the apartment they captured five Israeli athletes. The terrorists expanded their search throughout the complex, capturing six additional athletes in apartment number three. By approximately 5:00 AM, the terrorists had killed two Israeli team members and captured nine. The German police determined that in order to conduct a successful hostage rescue, they had to confine the terrorists to Germany. To initiate a rescue, they decided the best option was to isolate the terrorists at Germany’s Furstenfeldbruck Airport. Once at the airfield, West German snipers would attempt a hostage rescue operation, it failed and all the hostages were killed by the Palestinians Terrorists.
Tampa’s Osama Sam Mustafa, a Palestinian, stole $17.8 Million form the IRS with his bogus refund check scam, he got a 20 year Federal prison sentence but cut off his ankle monitor and fled in 2013 before surrendering, he most likely is now in Gaza living it up like a king with his ‘guys’ and pumping millions into the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine a terrorist organization. Tampa’s Osama Sam Mustafa is a Member of Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine a terrorist organization, he has been getting away with it since 1991 after he told a police officer that the US needed another Pan AM 103 bombing attack December 21st 1988 and that he could be the one to carry out the attack. Thirty-five of the passengers were students from Syracuse University returning home for Christmas following a semester studying in London at Syracuse’s London campus. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) has a long history of hijacking passenger aircraft. The PFLP gained notoriety for a series of armed attacks and aircraft hijackings, including on non-Israeli targets. PFLP is described as a terrorist organization by the United States, Canada, Israel and the European Union.
FBI MOST WANTED TERRORIST RAMADAN SHALLAH HEAD OF PALESTINIAN ISLAMIC JIHAD HAS STRONG LINKS TO TAMPA FL. Ramadan Abdullah Mohammad Shallah is wanted for conspiracy to conduct the affairs of the designated international terrorist organization known as the “Palestinian Islamic Jihad” (PIJ) through a pattern of racketeering activities such as bombings, murders, extortions, and money laundering (TAMPA FL). Shallah was one of the original founding members of the PIJ and is presently the Secretary-General and leader of the organization, which has its headquarters located in Damascus, Syria. Tampa and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad: 2005 trial of former University of South Florida professor Sami Al-Arian, who was charged, along with three other men, of operating the U.S. wing of the Palestinian terrorist group Islamic Jihad.

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