Thursday, July 23, 2015

NY Senator Thomas Libous and Son Matthew Libous Heading to Federal Prison Thomas Libous Owns Condo's and Matthew a $639,000 House in Naples Fl WTH?

BINGHAMTON NY State Senator Thomas W. Libous, who became one of the most powerful lawmakers in Albany but had his life upended by cancer and a corruption case, was found guilty on Wednesday of lying to agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation who were examining his son’s hiring at a politically connected law firm. Mr. Libous, 62, who was the second-highest-ranking Republican senator and represented a district that includes Binghamton, forfeited his Senate seat as a result of his conviction. He will be sentenced on Oct. 30 and faces up to five years in prison. Thomas Libous earned $79,500 as a state lawmaker and an additional $34,000 for serving as deputy leader for a total of $113,500 a year, he has multiple homes in New York State and in Florida.

The verdict was a victory for Preet Bharara, the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York, who has brought a series of corruption cases against state lawmakers while criticizing the way business is done in Albany. “Public corruption is a scourge,” Mr. Bharara said in a statement, adding that “lies to law enforcement make the job of fighting corruption doubly difficult.” “Libous’s lies have been exposed, his crime has been proven, and Albany will be the better for it,” Mr. Bharara said.

From public records of the Collier County property appraiser it appears that Thomas W. Libous owns 2 condos in Naples Fl valued at $160,000 each (rental units income) and the son Matthew Libous also appears to owns a house in Naples Fl valued at $639,000. The property at 4222 Crayton Rd Naples Fl valued at $639,000 lists the registered owners as the two sons of convicted felon Thomas Libous, the Collier County property appraiser lists the owners as Matthew Libous and Nicholas Libous, at 4222 Crayton Rd Naples Fl, it is not known if they both live there. A mortgage with both Matthew Libous and Nicholas Libous, at 4222 Crayton Rd Naples Fl, was signed on 6/10/2015 and it appears it was satisfied on 6/25/2015. On 3/25/2011 Matthew Libous purchased the house at 4222 Crayton Rd Naples Fl for $585,000 and on 6/16/2012 he transferred ownership of the house to Matthew Libous and Nicholas Libous for $0.00, Matthew Libous listed his address at that time as 146 Brook St Scarsdale NY. Matthew Libous had a new roof and pool installed at 4222 Crayton Rd Naples Fl where he listed his home address as 5 Riverside Dr unit 707 Binghamton NY which is his father's business address, "STATE COMMITTEE 126TH REP THOMAS W LIBOUS 5 RIVERSIDE DR Apt 707 BINGHAMTON NY 13905 Republican," did the bills for the upgrade also go to 5 Riverside Dr unit 707 Binghamton NY?

Matthew Libous, a son of the second highest-ranking Republican in the State Senate, Thomas W. Libous, was unable to escape that fate. He was sentenced to six months in prison following his conviction in January on federal tax charges. He was also fined $25,000 and sentenced to 100 hours of community service. In a separate indictment, Matthew Libous, who is a lawyer, was accused of underreporting his income on federal tax returns, including legal fees he received and personal expenses that were paid by a cellphone tower business he was operating.The business was said to have paid for a wide range of his expenses, including casino trips, an Internet dating subscription and visits to tanning salons.

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