Friday, July 31, 2015

Neal Falls Targeted Young White, Petite, Females With Long Hair Just Like Ted Bundy a Notorious Serial Killer, Kidnapper, Rapist, and Necrophile

  Falls was gunned down by Heather, a West Virginia prostitute who he tried to strangle, on July 18.
Neal Falls (l.), a 45-year-old suspected serial killer, worked as a security guard at the Hoover Dam, according to authorities. He was gunned down by Heather (r.), a West Virginia prostitute who he tried to strangle, on July 18. Serial Killer Neal Falls worked as a armed security guard in Springfield Oregon, Eugene Oregon, Henderson Nevada, Butler Indiana and elsewhere, Neal Falls worked the graveyard shift and slept during the day. Neal Falls had minor traffic offenses on his driving record in at least 20 states as he crisscrossed the USA working as a armed security guard. Public records indicate security guard Neal Falls held a firearms permit from 2001 to 2005 in Butler, Indiana. Almost all of the young pretty blonde females with long hair that I have profiled who have gone missing or murdered over the last 4 years were last seen late at night or in the very early morning hours, the times night stalker Neal Falls would have been out on the streets.

UPDATE 7/28/2015..Serial Killer Neal Falls had post-it note in his pocket with list of 6 names of women all around the same age with similar looks. What really happened to pretty blonde Lindsay Harris in Henderson NV, what really happened to pretty blonde Lauren Spierer in Bloomington IN, what really happened to pretty blonde Heather Hodges in Rocky Mount VA, what really happened to pretty blonde Jessica Foster in North Las Vegas NV, what really happened to pretty blonde Jessica Heeringa in Norton Shores, Mich. ‘There are no coincidences in law enforcement.’

Serial killers Ted Bundy and Neal Falls both had the same dumb smirk and dead eye stare on their faces when photographed, Falls even copied the Bundy t-shirt look. VICTIMOLOGY: “It’s a profile I have developed. All these missing young women, they look just like sisters with long blonde hair, this is the same M.O. used by serial killer Ted Bundy,” Bill Warner said. “They all disappeared under strange circumstances, outside their apartment or house, with no break-ins, no indication of confrontation in or out of the house. They just disappear,” he said, adding a lot of them disappeared after a night of drinking. Dave Arnold, Lebanon County district attorney, said the FBI’s violence crimes unit (VICAM) already looked at Kortne Stouffer’s disappearance, compared it with missing persons cases up and down the East Coast, and didn’t find links to other cases. “It’s an interesting read, an interesting theory he has. But there are no facts to support the theory at least at this point in time,” Arnold said of Bill Warner’s blog.

TED BUNDY SERIAL KILLER: “Dozens of young women with long hair, maybe as many as 100, had vanished without a trace in the 1970’s, seemingly right in front of people’s eyes, from seven states Washington, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, California and Florida all linked to serial killer Ted Bundy. COPYCAT: Neal Falls, whose last known residence was in Springfield, Oregon, spent the last seven months of his life traveling the country, authorities said (looks like over 10 years on the road). Neal Falls had recently been pulled over for a traffic violation in Texas, police said. Investigators said they also are trying to determine whether Neal Falls is connected to other unsolved crimes, including a recent series of deaths and disappearances in Chillicothe, Ohio.

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