Friday, June 26, 2015

TV’s ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Lands In NYC To Search For Fugitives Matt and Sweat But Dog Needs To be Licensed Private Investigator or Bail-Enforcement Agent in NY.

Bounty hunters Duane and Beth Chapman are in New York and may be heading to the North Country to monitor the search for escaped prisoners Richard W. Matt and David P. Sweat, their publicist in Los Angeles confirmed Thursday. “The Chapmans are not there to hunt for the fugitives, but to follow up on leads as they have been doing for over a week from their home in Hawaii,” said Bryan deCastro of Much & House Public Relations. Chapman, also known as television’s “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” and his wife landed in New York City on Thursday, deCastro confirmed. Chapman, who reportedly has apprehended 8,000 fugitives in a 35-year career, is prohibited by New York State to hunt for fugitives, said one former private investigator. It is a crime under Article 7 of the state General Business Law to conduct bounty hunting in the state if not licensed as a private investigator or bail-enforcement agent, said Jon Sabin, who is concerned that the offer of more $100,000 in reward may be spurring unauthorized searchers.

It’s Not James Bond But PI’s at Bill Warner Investigations With ‘G’ License Carry 2 Concealed Weapons Anywhere in Fla with Handcuffs For Bodyguard Work and Assist Bail Bondsmen in Fugitive Recovery. The same laws apply to so-called Bounty Hunters in the State of Florida. No person in Florida shall represent himself or herself to be a “bail enforcement agent”, “bounty hunter”, or similar title in (Florida).


In Florida an arrest can be made by a licensed and appointed Florida Surety Agent, a Licensed Agent from another state where the bond was posted provided that the agent has a certified copy of the bond, or a law enforcement officer. State of Florida ‘Bounty Hunters”: Free lance bounty hunters banned. Does not allow bounty hunters. Fugitives can only be recovered by those to whom they are bonded out. One cannot make an arrest on an out of state bond unless the person is licensed in the state or the state where the bond was written. Violation of the statute is a 3rd class felony. (Florida Statutes 648.30 (2)(3)). UCEA.


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