Sunday, June 21, 2015

Prison Escapees David Sweat and Richard Matt Riding the Rails Hopping Freight Trains from Plattsburgh to Binghamton to Erwin to Lindley and to Friendship N.Y.

UPDATE 7:53 am 6/21/2015..ABC News, New York State police say they were actively searching in Allegany County Saturday afternoon in response to a possible sighting of Richard Matt and David Sweat, the two convicted murderers who recently escaped a maximum-security prison, sources told ABC News. According to police, a witness spotted two men on a railroad line along Route 20 in Friendship, New York, near the Pennsylvania border, on Saturday afternoon.


The Western New york and Pennsylvania Railroad runs through Friendship NY and onto to Cuba NY, these guys, Richard Matt and David Sweat, are hopping freight trains.

UPDATE 7:40 pm 6/20/2015 : USA Today,  N.Y. police investigate "credible" sighting of escaped prisoners near Friendship, N.Y. a small town in south western NY that runs along a set of railroad tracks that serves freight trains, Matt has been known to hop freight trains. Report indicates an area just east of the Friendship rest area on I-86 where a resident reported the 2 men (Richard Matt and David Sweat) seen near a sluice pipe going under the railroad tracks, see photo above.

Did Richard Matt and David Sweat make their way to Plattsburgh NY and hop a train out of the area, what better way to leave the area unseen. As this map shows, New York has freight rail service throughout its length and breadth, including in a great majority of the State's 62 counties and 62 cities.  Four major Class I railroads operate within New York - CSX, CN, CP, NS - as well as about 40 smaller roads.  

Major freight rail facilities are located in Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, Binghamton, and New York City while smaller yards and facilities are sprinkled throughout the State in Pllatsburgh NY and Lindley NY.  The smaller inset map shows intercity passenger rail service (Amtrak) operates north-south (Montreal-New York City) and east-west (Boston-Buffalo) with the state capital of Albany located at its intersection.

New York Central Railroad tracks run along the bank of the Tioga River near Lindley, NY which goes south to the New York Central Railroad station in Lawrenceville, PA.

It is 15 mile from the prison in Dannemora NY to Plattsburgh NY where there is a rail yard that connects to the rest of the state, to such places as Erwin NY and Lindley NY which is south of Corning NY.  The freight lines travel through the Binghamton NY area where David Sweat is from. New York State Police are looking to a possible sighting of two convicted murderers who escaped from an upstate New York maximum-security prison two weeks ago. 


The two men fitting the description of inmates David Sweat and Richard Matt were seen about a week ago in Steuben County, New York, over 300 miles southwest of Dannemora, according to a news release posted late Friday. Two men were seen walking near a rail yard in Erwin on June 13, and then seen the next day in Lindley, New York, heading toward the Pennsylvania border. 

Richard Matt and David Sweat have gone 'Old School Hobo' working their way across NY State riding the rails. Convict David Matt has a history of hopping freight trains. In June 1986, David Matt climbed a fence to escape from the Erie County Correctional Facility. He had been serving a one-year sentence for assault. According to retired Tonawanda policeman David Bently, Matt evaded police for four days, hopping a freight train to his brother's house in Tonawanda where he was ultimately apprehended.

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