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FDLE REPORT: Sarasota Imam Muner Arafat Member of Islamic Brotherhood Wishes Harm to United States, Per FBI Agent Thomas Baugher

FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF LAW ENFORCEMENT On 8th DECEMBER 2003 INVESTIGATIVE REPORT MUNEER ARAFAT is a member of the Islamic BrotherhoodMuneer Arafat was a member of the Islamic Brotherhood, Muneer Arafat follows a radical belief and teachings of Saudi Shaikh Al-Baz a leading proponent of the rigid Salafi form of Islam, so did Anwar al-Awlaki, and does ISIS. Muneer Arafat wishes harm to the United States. The Islamic Brotherhood is the Muslim Brotherhood.
Case Number: FM-48-0040 Serial #:228
Author : McAllister, Scott F.
Office: Ft. Myers
Activity Start Date: Dec 08, 2003
Activity End Date: Dec 09, 2003
Approved By: Emerson, Stephen A.

On 8th DECEMBER 2003 Sarasota Imam Muneer Arafat follows the radical teachings of ALBAZ, who is Shaikh Abdul Aziz ibn al Baz (1911—99). Shaikh Abdul Aziz ibn al Baz was the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia from 1993 until his death in 1999. Students of Sheikh bin Baz and those who came after them, especially jihadis in al-Qaeda and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), understood from these edicts that the Saudi regime is at the forefront of the regimes targeted by the edicts of two clerics, ibn Ibrahim and bin Baz. In part thanks to this foundation, the late bin Baz still ranks among the most influential Saudi clerics on the web, even from beyond the grave. Islamic historian Reuven Paz notes that the cleric was renowned for his “persistent attempts to move Saudi Arabia in the direction of strict and severe fundamentalism.” For example, Shaikh Abdul Aziz ibn al Baz memorably ruled that women who study with men are equivalent to prostitutes. Aqeel al-Aqil, a Saudi national placed under U.S. sanctions in 2004 for leading an organization alleged to have aided al Qaeda in more than 13 countries, was one member of the Shaikh Abdul Aziz ibn al Baz Foundation’s board under Saudi King Salman.

On 8th DECEMBER 2003, Special Agent Scott McAllister (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) along with Special Agent Tom Baugher (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and Detective James LaPlante (Sarasota City Police Department) interviewed a confidential informant, under control of the Detroit office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

On 8th DECEMBER 2003 The source provided information regarding WISSAM HAMMOUD (Threat net case # 03-38). WISSAM HAMMOUD allegedly recently traveled to the Middle East, along with Jaleel “George” SAAD, reported to be the head of the Syrian Socialist Party. The purpose of the trip was for WISSAM HAMMOUD to possibly export olive oil to the United States. The source reports that the Syrian Socialist Party is similar in beliefs as the Nazi party was in the 1940’s. Jailed Sarasota cell phone store owner Wissam Hammoud said al-Hijji “entertained Saudis at his residence” at “pot parties” that he himself did not stay for because – unlike al-Hijji as he remembered him – he “did not drink or smoke cannabis.” One Saudi Hammoud identified as an al-Hijji “friend” he brought to a soccer game at the Sarasota mosque in 2000 or 2001 was Al-Qaeda boss Adnan el-Shukrijumah. Wissam Hammoud’s wife and sister-in-law confirmed during interviews that they too knew the al-Hijjis and are familiar with elements of Hammoud’s account. Mrs. Hammoud, who asked that her full name not be used, got the impression from comments al-Hijji made that he was “anti-American.” Hammoud himself, speaking from prison, said al-Hijji “had a lot of hatred towards everyone in America.” He said he had thought al-Hijji “nuts” when he asked him to go fight in Afghanistan. Wissam Hammoud’s 2003 charges were solicitation to commit murder, retaliating against a witness, use of a firearm during a crime of violence and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, he could have got LIFE. Wissam T. Hammoud is currently in the Federal Correctional Insititute in Milan MI, a low security federal correctional institution with a detention center, with a release date of 2023, he will be 57. Hammoud agreed to cooperate in unspecified investigations.

On 8th DECEMBER 2003 The source reported to police that WISSAM HAMMOUD is very paranoid and has surveillance cameras positioned outside his residence, with vcr recorders in his garage and television monitors inside his residence. The source also identified a photograph of Ron BARCO as a friend of WISSAM HAMMOUD who currently holds WISSAM HAMMOUD’s stash of (legitimate) weapons. Also a neighbor of WISSAM HAMMOUD, who is an ex-marine, is also holding some legitimate weapons for WISSAM HAMMOUD.

On 8th DECEMBER 2003 The source also spoke to Muneer Arafat as the Imam of the local mosque, Islamic Center of Sarasota Bradenton, and that Muneer Arafat was a member of the Islamic Brotherhood, who follows a radical belief and teachings of ALBAZ, and Muneer Arafat wishes harm to the United States. According to the source, Muneer Arafat is reported to be in the Middle East raising money for the local mosque. (SA Baugher verified this information regarding MUNEER ARAFAT being out of the country at this time 12/08/2003).

See surveillance photo above of Muneer Arafat's black SUV on 12/20/2002 on Beneva Rd Sarasota, he travelled to the UAE in the Middle East on 12/08/2003 to sollict funds for a new Grand Mosque in Sarasota Fl. From open court records in Tampa it has been revealed that Muneer Arafat had become an informant for the US Department of Justice (FBI) and they had paid him $35,000, but was Arafat working both sides of the street at the same time ? Every place Muneer Arafat shows up so do Al-Qaeda agents, he was the roommate of Al-Qaeda agent Ziyad Khaleel, he shows up in Sarasota Fl in March 2000 three months later 9/11 hijackers Mohamed Atta and his pals show up in June 2000 in the same area, and a member of the Mosque he ran in Boca Raton, Dr. Rafiq Sabir, joined Al-Qaeda and was arrested and convicted on terrorism charges.

Imam Muneer Arafat was also linked to the Masjid Al-Ihsaan Mosque at 977 Fulton St Brooklyn New York for a period of time in 2005 and then again in 2007, Muneer Arafat was last known to be in the Miami Fl area after an eviction in Palm Beach County. Jailed Imam Abu Taubah aka Marcus Dwayne Robertson's Mosque is the Masjid Al-Ihsaan, Orlando, FL and he ran the F.I.K.S website. Jailed Imam Abu Taubah aka Marcus Dwayne Robertson is from Brooklyn, in Brooklyn, NY during the early 90s, Abu Taubah and a group of young Muslims executed a number of postal office and bank robberies under the direction of Abu Taubah, who used his military expertise to plan the armed robberies.

Prior business connections for Muneer Arafat: International Economic Group Inc. is a Missouri Domestic General Business filed on August 30, 1995. The company's filing status is listed as Dissolved and its File Number is 00415768. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Muneer Arafat and is located at 9781 St. Charles Rock Road St Louis, MO 63114, they also had a office with the same name, International Economic Group Inc, in Miami Beach Fl. NY Rep. Peter King cited a San Diego terrorism task force which investaged an alleged link between Anwar al-Awlaki, Osama Bin Laden, and Ziyad Khaleel, the former roommate of Muneer Arafat. Khaleel had bought the satellite telephone that al-Qaeda leaders used to bomb the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.


Registered Agent:
Arafat Muneer
Filing Date:
October 17, 2007
File Number:


Registered Agent:
Muneer Arafat
Filing Date:
August 30, 1995
File Number:

Wiassam HAMMOUD has pointed out the SouthTrust building (housing the offices of the FBI) on 1st Street Sarasota Fl and stated that he wanted to drive a gasoline truck into the building for “the pain and suffering they have caused (him).” Also, WISSAM HAMMOUD has spoke about trying to locate the ATF source (who assisted the ATF in his investigation and arrest) in Ohio in order to kill him.

Thomas Baugher
James T Laplante
Wissam Taysir Hammoud
Muneer K Arafat

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