Sunday, March 08, 2015

NEWS... FBI Records Indicate Al-Qaeda Terrorist Samir Khan Plotted to Kill Sarasota Fla Private Investigator Bill Warner

McClatchy News Service-Washington DC. Bradenton Heralad- Records: FBI plotted Samir Khan arrest but dropped plan, see
WASHINGTON — A North Carolina blogger who became a major propagandist for al Qaida before he was killed in a U.S. drone strike in Yemen, was a subject of close FBI surveillance for years and a much bigger concern for U.S. authorities than previously known, according to records obtained by McClatchy.
A FBI counter-terrorism agent sent a report to the Charlotte field office to report that the bureau’s Public Access Center Unit received an anonymous tip on its “Internet Crime Complaint Center” website claiming that Khan made a death threat against a Sarasota, Florida private investigator, whose name was redacted from the FBI files.
A news report about the incident, however, revealed that the private investigator is Bill Warner, who allegedly was responsible for shutting down Khan’s blog. see

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