Friday, January 23, 2015

Robert Roberson Is Missing in Dyer County TN He Claimed The Unsolved Murder of Karen Swift Was the Work of a Serial Killer Now Roberson has Disappeared, WTH?

Missing Robert Roberson and Murdered Karen Swift a connection? Dyer County deputies are asking for help finding a man who has been missing since Aug 30th, 2014 The sheriff said Robert Anthony Roberson, his photo above, has not been seen since late Friday night August 30th, 2014 when he and a female friend got stuck in a ditch on Holly Springs Cemetery Road in south Dyer County. Investigators said the female friend walked to call for help, but when she returned Roberson was nowhere to be found.

Karen Swift went missing October 30th 2011. She was last seen leaving a Halloween party. Her car was found abandoned with one flat tire on the side of the road less than a half-mile from her house.
photo source: Dyer County Sheriff

Friday, January 23, 2015...Still no leads on missing man, Family pleas for help, The Dyer County Sheriff's Office, along with the TBI still have no solid leads on missing Dyer County man, Robert A. Roberson. The family of the missing man, last seen on Aug 30th, 2014, is now pleading for answers on what has happened to Roberson. With a lack of results from law enforcement, the family is turning to the public for help and asking anyone with information on Roberson to help. "I miss my husband, I need answers and I just want closure," said Regina Roberson, Roberson's wife of 29 years. "My husband has been made out to be someone he isn't." According to Chief Investigator Terry McCreight of the Dyer County Sheriff's Office, the investigation into Roberson's disappearance is still active, though without many factual leads. "The investigation is ongoing and we're following the leads people are giving us, but we don't have anything concrete and the disappearance is suspicious," said McCreight. "I know in my heart something terrible has happened and I just want answers and results. Robert A. Roberson owned his own roofing company, C & R Roofing, where he taught his four boys how to work hard and taught them morals of life. Robert also owned and ran Roberson Road Service and Tattoo Temptations in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, over the years," shared Regina Roberson.  If anyone has any information concerning Roberson's whereabouts, or what happened the day of his disappearance, please call the Dyer County Sheriff's Department, 731-285-2802, or Crime Stoppers at 285-TIPS (8477).

09/21/12 – Dyersburg , TN – Dyer County Awaiting Arrest In Karen Swift Case: The Dyer County Grand Jury meets the second week of October. It’s unclear if they will take up the Karen Swift murder case. It’s been almost an entire year since Swift was murdered in Dyersburg. The sheriff’s department has never made an arrest. They say there is a person of interest, but so far they aren’t naming any names. Some people in Dyer County are concerned the killer could still be living among them. “They need to find out who did that because everyone is on edge as far as getting out and riding in the country,” said Rob Roberson. Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box says his office has looked at several people they think could be connected to the swift murder and narrowed it down to one. Box says they are waiting on nearly a hundred pieces of evidence still being examined by the TBI before an arrest is made. “It makes me feel uncomfortable you know. If there is a serial killer running around or something my wife goes out to the store at to places,” said Rob Roberson. A judge ordered Swift’s cause of death be sealed and not released until the trial. The Dyer County Sheriff’s Department and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation are jointly investigating Karen Swift’s murder. The Dyer County Sheriff’s Department requests any person with information about this case contact them at 731-285-2802 or call the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND.

DYERSBURG: Attorney Steve Farese talks about Karen Swift murder case: “I don’t want to speak badly about Karen,” said attorney Steve Farese. “But there were some things going on that were quite unusual, and there could be more than one suspect. According to Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box, he has looked at several people in Karen Swift's murder, but has narrowed it down to one. Karen Swift disappeared last Halloween. Her car was found near her house and her body was found a month later not far from there. Sheriff Box says the person of interest is not a suspect and no suspect will be named until an arrest is made. Over a hundred prices of evidence are still being examined by the TBI Crime Lab. News Channel 3 tried to talk to Swift’s husband David but no one came to the door. According to court records Swift was in the process of filing for divorce when she disappeared. “There’s still a lot of fear out here. My parents think about it all the time,” said Zack Walton. Zach Walton lives just down the street from the Swift family. The fact that there’s never been an arrest in the murder frightens Zach Walton, but having a person of interest makes him feel a little better. “If they did find them that would be great. It would be a great help to the community and get everybody out of fright,” said Zach Walton. Swift`s cause of death has been sealed by a judge and will not be revealed until the trail.



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