My website dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My website dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

St Pete UHURU Leader Joe Waller Calls for Protest and Violence After Ferguson Supreme Court Decision They Support Cop Killers Hydra Lacy and Christopher Dorner.

The UHURU movement in St Pete is a Pro-Communist organization run by ex-Black panther Chairman Omali Yeshitela aka ex-con Joe Waller. Starting in Jan 2011 the UHURU Movement began posting articles on their website stating that “Shooting of police in Florida part of growing trend of African resistance to occupation“ and defending cop killers like Hydra Lacy and Christopher Dorner. 60′s Radical Penny Hess Leader of Omali Yeshitela’s APSC In St Pete Writes “The bullet not the ballot is the best way for the black man in America to gain power”.

CBS 10 NEWS- Wednesday Nov 12th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Florida -- An African American civil rights group in St. Petersburg is calling for a public demonstration and arrests following a grand jury's decision whether Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson will be charged for the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown.The announcement could be made any day now. The fallout 1,000 miles away in Ferguson could be felt here in the Bay area. The Uhuru Movement is calling for a demonstration at Central and 5th Avenue the day after the grand jury's decision is made public. Many plan to leave in handcuffs, as part of a national protest, if the officer isn't held accountable. The Uhuru Movement released these demands for justice for Michael Brown:

Zaki Baruti of the UHURU Universal African People’s Organization of St. Louis, MO has been organizing on the ground in response to the police assassination of 18-year-old Michael Brown, UHURU black power headquarters are based in St Pete Fl, Oakland CA and Philadelphia PA with the overall boss ex-black panther Chairman Omali Yeshitela aka Joe Waller. As Missouri violence flares, fingers point to outsiders.

UHURU Black Power Statement: “The resistance of Africans in St. Louis against the colonial, murderous occupying force known as the St Louis police department is no different from the resistance of the Palestinian people against the illegitimate colonial occupying army of the Israeli Defense Forces. Africans have the right to resist. Only when African people have self-determination and power over our own lives will there be justice for Michael Brown and the millions of other African men, women, children and babies whose lives have been destroyed by the white nationalist state.”

Cop Killer Christopher Dorner We Got Your Back’ Says UHURU Movement in St Pete Fl: Africans Have A Right to Resist The Cops. THE UHURU MOVEMENT is a black nationalist, black separatist Communist organization that encourages blacks to resist cops, in all form of confrontations.

The St Pete UHURU Movement targeted me Bill Warner private investigator for assassination 3 years ago, as I had exposed their tactics and support of cop killer Hydra Lacy in a March of 2011 UHURU article called “Private investigator” attacks Uhuru Movement members and leaders; Private investigator Bill Warner has apparently been involved in surveillance of the Uhuru Movement for at least the past three years, but this most recent concentrated campaign of attacks came off the heels of two recent instances of resistance to the regular police occupation of the African community in St. Petersburg, Florida in which three cops have been killed. The St Pete UHURU Movement had posted a map to my house along with the address and a photo of my house and vehicles and any other information that would have made it easy for some of their gang banger goons to do a drive-by of my house.

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